Most people these days are taught to “Go to school, Get a job, then retire”…But unfortunately that is just not viable anymore. People who are going to college are more often than not unable to get a job in their field for most degrees, and are left working entry level jobs with massive student loans hanging over their heads. And most employees are not getting paid fairly at all…

Why is the rate of pay for employees “Unfair” as I call it?

Several Reasons:

The amount of pay that they get for the very large amount of work they do for their company, is grossly in-proportionate compared to the amount of money being made by the leaders of their company, who are expending much less energy making exponentially more money, and their income is residual!

Let me illustrate this further: An employee is helping the founders and leaders in a company to actuate their vision, sell their products, further their company…and for this the employee gets a set, finite amount of pay…a pay that is capped off….while these top executives of the company get unlimited rewards…and do less work!

You see the employee wants to get a paycheck at the end of the week for helping to further this company. The owners of the company pay this check, and it is an incredibly minute, infinitesimal investment to pay this worker that much for the amount of work they are going to do to help this company, from which these top executives will benefit permanently. Because when you pay a worker to help you build a product for instance, they get paid once for the work they did on that product the week they were working on it….but the product then gets sold millions of times…sometimes consistently over the course of the lifetime of this business…during which time they are making incredible amounts of money off of this product…and have moved on to creating new products which they will get paid in the same way for…and the employees will get paid in the same minimum, one time fashion for helping with.

But this is not the only way in which being an employee is limiting and downright unfair and ergonomically disproportionate in the give and take compared to what the top executives are making….

You see employees rate of pay for different jobs and careers is generally static. This means that it stays the same…What doesn’t stay the same however is the value of the dollar…it is constantly dropping…what also doesn’t stay the same is the cost of living…it is constantly inflating…another thing that doesn’t stay the same? The amount of interest that banks are giving on saved money, and the amount of interest you have to pay on loaned money…the former is going down, and the latter is going up…So you see…


Even if you are happy helping someone else’s business for a very small limited amount of pay while they reap unlimited rewards off of it…the money you make these days as an employee is just not able to give you a sustainable lifestyle. If you are saving money, you are actually loosing money, because that money is loosing value every day, and the amount of interest you are getting from it is not in sync with inflation and the dropping value of the dollar…and if you are living off of credit cards or have student loans….well god help you…because that interest is just compounding every day…while the value of your dollar drops and any saved money becomes less and less valuable….and the cost of living goes up….

The problem here is that people have been taught to work for money, and then spend it. That is good for the 1% who this money goes back to. They pay employees their paychecks, and these employees then go out and spend their paychecks on products and services, and it goes right back into the hands of these executives, while the livelihood of these employees dwindles…and what will their retirement be like years from now after things have continued to progress in this manner? Will they be living off of canned goods and dry bread from food banks wearing old sweaters from thrift stores? Will they even be able to retire at all? Who knows…

The solution? Instead of working for money, make money work for you!

This is called entrepreneurship. Instead of spending money, start investing it. Instead of working for someone elses company and dream…work for your own!

Everyone has stuff that they love to do. Why not do it for yourself as a business?

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Brian Krall is an Entrepreneur, Personal Development Specialist, Social Scientist and Professional Development/Entrepreneur Coach. He has a Personal Development and Social Science company called True Life Development he has been building since 2011 which he brought to the global market in 2013. For more great resources on your self help and professional development check out now!