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"How To Create, Build, Govern, And Control Your Own Economy And Destiny"

The People That Run Your Government Are In Charge Of Your Country, Your Money, Your Economy, Your Security, And Your Life. And Every Election Year They Keep Spending Millions, Billions, And Trillions Of Dollars To Keep Themselves In Power And Control.

It’s Time For You To Build, Govern, And Control Your Own Economy And Destiny

#1. WHAT - Achieving and maintaining greater financial security, freedom, and peace of mind for you and your family

Everyone needs to learn how to achieve and maintain greater financial security, freedom, and peace of mind for themselves and their family.

Everyone needs to spend their life working at their “Labor of love” in life. Work which they enjoy doing and which brings out their greatest creative effort.

Everyone needs to uncover and pursue his or her “Definite Major Purpose” in life.

Everyone needs to know how to make more money - in less time – with less effort so they have more time to enjoy their life

Everyone needs to learn how to live a more productive, meaningful, rewarding and satisfying life while at the same time increasing and improving their performance and their productivity.

#2. WHY - People need to learn how to achieve and maintain more serenity - freedom of body and mind - peace of mind, complete independence and self-reliance – abundance - prosperity - personal security, more harmony, teamwork, and cooperation in human relationships.

There is a great abundance of money out there for anyone who wants a lot more of it. Look how much movie stars, rock stars, and sport stars earn per year – hundreds of millions of dollars – look at our senators and congressman – many of them are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

There are a lot of people out there who are going to try and take away as much of your money as they can every day. Robbers, dishonest people, corrupt people, greedy people, crooked business people, and even crooked politicians and government leaders who should be in prison instead of handling all of our money and spending all of their time telling us how to run our lives.

Look how the cost of living and taxes keep getting higher and higher. I’m 77 years old - when I was young I used to pay 25 cents to go see a movie. In fact, we got 2 movies, a comedy, and what they called a short, all for 25 cents – now; my great grandson is paying $10.00 for 1 movie. I used to rent a four-bedroom house with a large garage and a large back yard to play in for only $37 dollars per month, gas was only 5 cents a gallon, and haircuts where 50 cents. Prices are always going to be going up. In the last 77 years nothing ever went down – just up. The only way you can survive is to keep creating more income – and that’s what this course is all about.

They don’t teach this in schools – they have courses on everything – including how to apply for a $5.00 an hour job at McDonalds - but no course on “The Science Of Success Achievement.” They are preparing the kids to be small thinkers. My course is all about thinking big – and achieving big. Schools are not spending enough time teaching students about entrepreneurship, teamwork and harmony in human relationships, integrity, morals, respect for others, selling themselves and their ideas to others, self-help, motivation and leadership.

The media bombards us 24 hours per day, seven days a week with negative news and gloom. Constant repetitive talk about lack, wars, murders, rapes, corruption, evil, recession, loss of jobs, dictators, kidnappings, drug trafficking, and corruption in our government and corporations. This becomes very demoralizing and unproductive. In a study done many years ago, researchers revealed that the average person thinks approx. 10,000 thoughts per day, and that 90% of the thoughts are negative. That means that there are 6,000,000,000 people in the world thinking 9,000 thoughts each. That comes to 54 billion negative thoughts every day. These thoughts go out into the vast either that surrounds us and end up seeping into our minds like a deadly, poisonous plague. To survive, we have to stay away from the negative thinkers and joy killers. Their influence is deadly.

What is life? Life is now! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. No one has a guarantee in their pocket that says they will still be alive tomorrow. Life is now! And success is – turning your now into “total fulfillment” – having fun now, having enough money to get things you want now, having time to enjoy your family and friends now, having time for your hobbies and recreation now, having everything you need now to live a happy, peaceful, satisfying and more meaningful life - now. Delay is the worst form of denial

I teach people how to become an entrepreneur and how to build their business worldwide – without leaving their homes. The department of labor predicts that -- the #1 employer in the future -- will be “SELF.” A recent Internet poll of 25-44 year olds -- revealed that 90% of them hoped to own their own business someday. A survey conducted by Ernst & Young -- found that 75% of influential Americans believe that entrepreneurship -- will be the defining trend of the future -- some of the factors that have attributed to the rise of the modern day entrepreneurial spirit Are: access to technology -- a global economy of billions of people who are available 24/7 -- corporate stagnation -- and the computer. AND JUST THINK – YOU WON’T have to leave home to conduct business.

The greatest tragedy in life – is that millions of people come into this world and leave this world and never ever realize their full potential. They bargain in life for a penny and. The definition of potential is: undeveloped and unrealized powers, possibilities and capabilities that can – but have not yet come into being. In other words, the best is yet to come

We all have dreams and goals we haven’t realized yet – and skills we haven’t yet developed – it’s still possible for anyone one of us to become rich and famous – or master 10 new languages in the next five years – or travel around the world and enjoy some of the beauty in the world – or retire in comfort with peace of mind

#3. HOW - Building a successful worldwide family business on the Internet from your home.

Learning how to create and build good paying jobs for yourself and your family members from your worldwide Internet business.

Keeping your overhead down by working in your home. No time in traffic - no cost of transportation.

Gaining more time to build greater income.

Being able to get people worldwide to come to your website and do business with you.

Mastery of success principles and laws from our Science of Success Achievement Course Book

Home with your family instead of being far away all day.

More positive control and training for your kids.

Creating Your Own Opportunities!

There are three kinds of people in this world: People who make things happen; people who watch other people make things happen; and people who don’t know what’s happening. People who learn how to make things happen create their own opportunities. Opportunities are always knocking! Are you prepared to take advantage of and capitalize on them?

“Luck” – Is When Opportunity Meets Preparedness.

If you are not ready when opportunity comes your way, it will pass you by. Begin at once, whether you are ready or not; the time may never be just right. Learn how to create your own opportunities - Now!

Even in times of trouble, adversity and crisis there is opportunity. Out of every adversity in life, there is always a seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit. It may be hard to recognize at the time, but eventually the benefit becomes obvious; something good often comes from something bad.

The Chinese Have Two Symbols: One Stands For Trouble, And The Other For Crisis -- When Put Together, They Represent Opportunity -- Our Opportunities In Life Will Always Lie Somewhere Within Our Problems.

Do We Have Troubles In This Country? How About A Crisis Or Two?


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Rick Gettle Bio:

Philosopher, publisher, author, success achievement teacher, speaker, trainer, human resources development consultant, and personal coach to individuals, including managers and owners of many mainstream businesses.

A native of San Francisco and local businessman based in the San Francisco Bay Area Rick has been in the “people building” business since 1958.

He has been teaching “The Science of Success Achievement Course” since 1970 and has been a guest speaker for many organizations, service clubs, and conventions - a guest on many radio and TV shows and has written numerous articles on “Success Achievement Principles.” Rick’s Successercising – “Successful Living” Course Series include the following titles:

#1 - The Science Of Success Achievement Course.

#2 - Developing Your Personality, Presence, Magnetism, And Relationship Skills - Course.

#3 - Earning More Money -- In Less Time -- With Less Effort.

#4 - Maximizing Your Greatest Powers And Potential To Be All You Can Be In Life.

#5 - Defining, Blueprinting, Pursuing, Achieving, And Maintaining Your Definite
Major Purpose In Life.

#6 - You Inc. – Building Your Life Like A Successful Corporation.

#7 - Overcoming Problems, Obstacles, Adversities And Discouragement.

#8 - How To Create, Manifest, And Capitalize On Your Own Opportunities In Life.

#9 - Living A More Balanced, Meaningful, Fulfilling, And Satisfying Life.

#10 - Self-Control, Discipline And Self-Mastery.

#11 - True, Noble, And Real Leadership Greatness.

#12 - Living Your Life Like A Great Champion.

#13 - Overhauling, Debugging, Defragmenting, Upgrading, Reprogramming And Virus Proofing Your Computer Mind.

#14 - Andrew Carnegie’s Proven Formula For Success And Greatness.

#15 - Building Your Creativity, Imagination, And Your Idea Manufacturing Factory.

#16 - Managing Your Most Priceless Possession, “Your Time,” Wisely And Cautiously.

#17 - Sound Health: Feeling Good – Looking Good – Living Good.

#18 - Self Reliance - Complete Independence - Personal Security - Freedom Of Mind And Body.

#19 - Building Stronger Faith, Belief, And Confidence In Yourself.

#20 - Learning To Live In And Enjoy The Now. Life Is Now! Tomorrow May Never Come.

#21 - Enjoying Life’s Greatest Riches. The Best Things In Life Are Free.

#22 - Wisdom And Lessons From The Greatest Masters.

#23 - Problem Solving Techniques That Are Fool-Proof.

#24 - Overcoming Your Fears Doubts And Worries.

#25 - Creating, Organizing And Perfecting Your Plans.

#26 - Acting As If You Already Are The Person You Want To Be – And Then Mastering And Becoming That Person –
Writing A New Script For Your Life.

#27 - The Power Of “High Vibration” Selling.

#28 - Success Habit Formation And Fixation.

#29 - Revitalizing Yourself For The Coming Challenges.

#30 - The Science Of Goal Achieving. Everyone Sets Goals – But Few Achieve Them.

#31 - Ridding The World Of Evil And Corruption.

#32 - Overcoming The Enemies Of Success, Freedom, And Peace Of Mind.

#33 - Building And Maintaining A Burning Desire To Persist And Succeed.

#34 - Controlled Attention And Focus.

#35 - Personal Security – Becoming Irreplaceable.

#36 - Understanding, Motivating, Managing And Influencing Others

Teaching: Rick has been teaching “The Science Of Success Achievement Course” full time since 1970 to many mainstream companies and also teaches it three times per week in Teleclasses. He was also commissioned by The “Napoleon Hill Academy” in the early 70’s to teach Napoleon Hill’s world famous course, “The Science Of Personal Achievement” course.” He has been creating, marketing and conducting customized workshops that have tremendously improved and increased the performance, productivity and spirit of individuals and companies, large and small, including, Coldwell Banker, Prudential California, and Century 21 Real Estate Companies, AT&T, New York Life, Metropolitan, and Farmers Insurance Companies, Shearson Leman, Amway, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Herbalife,

Speaking: He has been giving a minimum of two talks per week for over 35 years to many major companies, had his own radio show titled, “Masterminding For Greater Success With Rick Gettle,” has been interviewed on several radio and television shows, and has been conducting weekly Teleseminars on success achievement.

Writing: Authored several books and articles on “Success Achievement.” Had a column, “Napoleon Hill’s Success Principles” in a major international magazine for five years. Has many articles being used by hundreds of online newsletters, has been publishing his own newsletter, “Successercising” for over five years #1 Out Of 20,000,000 Google Listings On “Success Achievement Courses”

Rick’s talks, workshops, courses, articles, and books stimulate positive action in people who are ready to turn their dreams into realities. He brings forth the needed motivation, ideas, plans and success formula that have been responsible for a vast number of individuals defining and achieving their goals.

Rick spent three years in the Army Air Corp and another three years in the United States Merchant Marines and then from 1954 until 1960 he spent his time in professional selling, sales training and sales management.

From 1961 until 1970, he was in advertising, promotion and marketing.

In 1970, Rick represented Nightingale/Conant Corp (Earl Nightingale’s Company. Earl was heard daily on over 1,000 Radio Stations), The Napoleon Hill Academy and Success Unlimited magazine. He created, marketed and conducted Success Achievement workshops and courses.

In 1980, he started expanding his Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs International throughout the world.

In 2000, he retired to write motivational articles, books, screenplays, songs, and children’s books.

At the beginning of 2003, he decided to go back into the motivation business and put it all on the Internet.

Rick’s Comments

In 1954, I started reading all of Napoleon Hill’s books and since then read each one over thirty-five times (I stopped counting): Law of Success, Think and Grow Rich, The Master Key to Riches, Grow Rich With Peace of Mind, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, You Can Work Your Own Miracles and Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion.

In 1970, I bought a distributorship to market Napoleon Hill’s “Philosophy of Success” program and started teaching his Success Course. I created The Master Mind Alliance Success Club to help my students follow through and put the principles into practice. In addition to teaching the course in hotels, meeting rooms and in-house in many large and small corporations, I also taught the course in San Quentin Prison and at the Delancy Street Foundation for ex-cons, pimps, prostitutes, drug and alcohol addicts.

In 1974, I received a phone call from a Mr. John Haid who was the president of the Napoleon Hill Academy. He said that he heard quite a bit about my classes and me and that he wanted to fly out to San Francisco to meet with me. When we got together, he told me he was going to set up a Napoleon Hill Academy Franchise in Northern California and wanted to find the most qualified person to run it. He was here for about a week and interviewed several eager people who wanted that privilege. Many of them were very successful and had lots of money to gladly pay for the franchise. After several meetings with each one of us, John decided that I was the most knowledgeable on Napoleon Hill’s Success principles and gave the franchise to me. I am still sharing these principles in my Science of Success Achievement Course that my students are studying today.

Rick Gettle - Success Achievement Consultant/Publisher/Author/Speaker/Trainer - Since 1970
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