The changes being forced on to our economy via the recession and globalization are creating and destroying jobs. The job destruction aspect tends to dominate the headlines due to the fact that there are a many industries where it appears that the jobs that have left are not coming back any time soon. Compounding the issue is the fact that economic and budgetary issues make it appear that the job market will be soft for some time. If you are employed in any of these shrinking industries, you might be feeling the pressure but expertise in your field is still needed. The great news is that your expertise could allow you to create your own business.

Becoming more entrepreneurial in your thinking can put you in a position to either supplement or replace your current job. Here are a few of the industries where starting your own consulting business based on your knowledge can get you on your way with your own venture:

* Real estate – Homeowners are seeking guidance on all kinds of different topics ranging from avoiding foreclosure to the best ways to prepare for a sale. Starting a consulting business that delivers guidance in these areas can help people struggling with their homes while providing an income to you.

* Home building – As selling homes remains difficult, homeowners are deciding to make the best of what they’ve got. This includes remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, adding rooms, etc. The do-it-yourself trend is growing and people are looking for help in lighting, flooring, re-doing cabinets and any other type of improvement. If you can provide remodeling guidance that saves money and adds value, people will pay for your expertise.

* The automotive industry – Consumers have shifted toward buying used cars to save money. Used cars usually come with their own baggage so expert help is being sought after on engine repairs, body work, and refurbishing. Again, if you can save people money and help with their car, you’re in business.

* Education – As education more education moves toward the internet, schools and parents will be seeking information on teaching methods in math, spelling, and all other subjects. They will also being seeking guidance on how to teach their own kids.

Each of these areas provides an opportunity for starting a consulting business based on providing much needed expertise and assistance to people that need help. This guidance can be delivered come in the form of person to person meetings, e-books, courses, and many other options. The big positive is that, while you’re helping other people, you’ll be helping yourself as well.

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Anthony Ricigliano: Mr. Ricigliano’s background in information technology, distribution, purchasing and regulatory affairs then gives him an edge with integrating that infrastructure with areas in the company that generate revenues. Read news and advice by Anthony Ricigliano - an Expert Author on Self Growth.