If one liked a certain song in the past, they would either have had to wait for it to be on the radio or they would have had to go and buy it.

However, in today’s world, one no longer needs to buy a song; the only thing they need to do is to go onto the internet and to do a search. And after a fee seconds, they should be able to stream the song for free.


This is not just limited to music though; as it is also possible for one to stream films online for free. One might not be able to find every film they want, but there is a strong chance that they will find at least one of the films that they want to watch.

If one doesn’t want to watch a film and wants to watch a series instead, they are also likely to find something to watch for free. There is no need for one to leave their house or to leave their current location.


In addition to this, it is also a lot easier for one to get hold of information without having to give anything in return. One only needs to type in what they are looking for into a search engine and they will be given the ’answers’.

In one had a question in the past, they would have had to have gone to a library or to speak to someone in person. Yet, if one doesn’t just want to find about one thing and wants to gain a deeper understanding of a certain area or a number of areas, they can still use the internet.

A Deeper Understanding

One could be in a position where they are unable to go to college or to university and while this may have been an issue in the past, it no longer has to be. If one has the desire and the commitment to learn, they can educate themselves without having to give anything in return.

There will be certain things that one can’t learn online, such as how to be doctor or a nurse, but there are plenty of things they can learn. This wouldn’t have been possible in the past when information wasn’t as accessible.


When it comes to someone who has grown up with the internet, this will be how it has always been for them. But if one was around before the internet was available, they will have an understanding of what it was like before.

As they had to pay for these things in the past, they might feel grateful for how things are. Whereas, if one has always had the internet, they might not have the same level of gratitude.

Different Factors

However, just because someone has grown up with the internet, it doesn’t mean they take it for granted. They may be only too aware of how things were before and this could make them realise how fortunate they are.

If one had to pay for these things in the past, they might end up believing that they were taken advantage of. The fact they are getting them for free now is then not something they should feel grateful for, as they are merely getting what they have always deserved.

The Illusion

What this shows is that it is not black and white, and that the outlook one has will not just depend on whether one was around before the internet was available or if they have always had the internet.

Yet, although one can believe that the internet is a place where they can get free things, what they are getting had to be created. What this means is that someone or a group of people have come together to create what is available.


If it wasn’t for the work that these people have put in, there wouldn’t be anything on the internet. However, after going online and searching for something, it is easy to believe that it has just appeared out of nowhere.

This means that it is because of what their fellow human beings are doing that they are able to find what they are looking for and not because of what a machine is creating. Therefore, these people also have their own needs and as they live on this planet, they also need money to survive.


Yet, if one is out of touch with the fact that everything they see had to be created by someone and believes it just appeared, they can end up believing that they are entitled to have whatever is available. The internet is then the parent and the person who uses the internet is the child who deserves to have whatever they want.

Although one was entitled to get their needs met as a child, they are not entitled to have everything they want as an adult. As an adult, it is not just about taking; it is also about giving.

Give and Take

If one wants to have something, it will be important for them to work for it and to earn their right to have it. There will be times when one can have what they want without having to give anything in return, but this doesn’t mean they no longer have to give anything.

One of the ways that the film industry has tried to put an end to the entitlement mentality is to charge people for the films that they stream online. It was thought that as these companies earned so much it wouldn’t matter if people didn’t pay, but they can only make films for as long as they are able to make money and the same applies to the music industry.


The internet has also made it easier for someone to have what they want, when they want it. It is then not just about one expecting something for nothing; it is also about them expecting it straight away.

There will be times when it will be possible for someone to have what they want straight away; just as there will be times when one will be able to have something without having to give something in return.

What matters is that one realises that nothing is free and that what they are reading, watching or listening to, had to be created by someone. With this in mind, one is likely to view the internet differently.

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