With traditional app development methods, businesses are delivered apps with a plethora of issues like sub-par user interface, quality, back-end system integrations, non-flexible app structure and module integration issues. All these issues stem from the fact that the biggest challenge is the crunch of skilled developers. The enterprise mobile application industry is still young. The reality is that in-house talent is expensive to invest in and the probabilities of making a full-featured, quality app are not worth the investment.
However, with enterprise mobile application development platform like HokuApps, you can be assured that full-featured quality apps are just days or weeks away. So much so that recent studies tell us that 55% of organizations would prefer to invest in enterprise mobile app development companies that feature pre-built templates and modules. Platforms with low code app development do not need specific programming language skilled executives. This is how HokuApps delivers full-featured apps that are enterprise-grade quality.

Additionally, this approach is highly beneficial to all business types as it combines the rare talents of consultations and skilled app development talent. Armed with pre-built templates, full-featured quality apps are delivered in days or weeks and not months. The corresponding effect on the business is that costs are reduced, and you can start on your digital transformation journey 10x faster.

The HokuApps enterprise mobile application development model features options of more than 500 API tools which expose business silos to be exposed to business-value generating actions. For example, a field-service app would need access to API tools like scheduling, task progress tracker, and location-enabled functions.

Challenges can range from technical to change management. And it's important that these challenges be solved by solutions that don’t just match but go a step further with scalable and future-proof technologies.

Author's Bio: 

Karl P is the Mobile App developer of HokuApps that helps to develop mobile applications for startups and enterprises.