Essential details are necessary such as your full name as this appears on your national identity book to make the document legal for a life insurance quote is crucial. Your whole pedigree is necessary including your physical address and postal address, your gender and how old you are?

The younger you are the lower your instalments per month would be; as you would have a longer period to contribute towards the life insurance policy. When one is young, one feels one does not want to be bogged down with monetary matters, but starting at a younger age one could have enough collateral to use this policy as a barging chip. A most important question which is asked is, Are you a smoker? What is the state of your health and what is your weight? In some instances one will be asked to have a full medical examination complete with HIV test.

What is your occupation, or are you managing director having to deal with loads of stress? Do you sit in an office all day or are you running around on a building site with hopefully no stray bricks falling on your head! What hobbies do you like doing? Obviously flying a plane/helicopter, jumping out of aeroplanes or abseiling could be considered a high risk factor but then again you could be in excellent physical health and a fitness freak which is a very good condition to be in.

What type of education do you have? A university graduate or college graduate would be considered less of a risk than maybe someone less learned. All these factors count towards the instalment paid, but also to the extent of the total amount required. When you purchase property banking institutes are looking for collateral. That’s when life insurance quotes can be obtained from places like, because they obtain a lot of that info from you upfront.

All the information is processed, hence the life insurance quote and voila! a life insurance policy is obtained. Occasionally a nominal fee will be charged once off for administration fees. Collateral is not the only reason we would pursue going through the rigmarole of obtaining a whole string of life insurance quotes because apart from this being a buyer’s market.

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