With rising cost of operations, there is a pressing need for the business owners to save on the operating cost without compromising on the business returns. To the small and micro small enterprises optimal usage of limited resources has been the key secret for a measurable growth in business. To achieve the efficiency in this end, the business users are focusing on acquiring tools which could do meaningful addition to their key business activity, i.e., business communication, PR and marketing tasks. Latest PBX systems have been a hit among the business users as they have been serving this purpose brilliantly.]

Hosting solutions is adding a new dimension to the efficient usage of PBX system. This task of hosting business telephony involves the services of a third party service provider who hosts the PBX system to be used by the small and micro enterprises. A small business user may need to set priority for incoming calls according to the customers. For example one can give first preference to international customers followed by customers with maximum number of orders, followed by consistent customers whatever be the sequence. There might be many alternatives to the call sequences which can be set as per the business user’s needs. Besides this primary task, there are many other tasks such as multiple dialing, call forwarding, call hold, customized message play while on hold, call recording etc. that are successfully performed by PBX.

Hosting PBX enhances these benefits of a PBX system for the small offices and businesses. Hosted PBX offers the same facilities with additional advantages delivered by hosting. Hosting of the business communication system relieves the business owners from the worries of maintaining, repairing the system on their own. Right from the repairing, upkeep and maintenance of the system everything is taken care of by the service providers offering hosted PBX services to the small business owners. The service providers offer their customers a web based interface to connect to the hosted PBX and use it as the real equipment. The common advantages of a hosted PBX can be briefly listed as:

• Cost Efficiency

If you compare the cost of purchase and operation of physical PBX with the virtual PBX you will be surprised with the cost efficiency of the later one. In fact the virtual PBX costs up to 80% cheaper than conventional PBX systems. Moreover the user is in no way concerned for the maintenance and upkeep of the physical tools.

• Clutter free connectivity

Since the PBX is remotely hosted and is made available to you with the help of a net enabled PC or handheld device, you are free to roam around. This advantage also solves too much cluttering wires. The chances of physical damage to the wires, or any other fault is also missing because of this wire free facility.

• No cost of ownership

The best part of a virtual PBX is that you can utilize all the resources of a PBX without actually making huge investment for purchasing it. You are also confined because of any locked-in qualms from the phone seller/company.

• Added flexibility

The best part of a virtually hosted PBX is the flexibility it offers to the business users. The users can acquire as many lines as the need arises. However, the cost of such acquisition is significantly lower than acquiring the real PBX.

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Technology specialist at therealpbx.com ‘Adom Brown' is a specialist in Small Business PBX systems. The Real PBX is a pioneer in providing Hosted PBX that deliver business class voice quality, real time customer assistance, scalable office Business Phone system, Virtual PBX, IP PBX and more. Their enterprise class Hosted PBX Services include top notch features like Unified Communication.