The year is going to end up quite soon, and like every other place in Australia, your workplace too must be decked up in the flair of New Year. Be it the decoration or planning for food for the upcoming party, everyone has started contributing ideas for making the party a bit more unique than the usual ones.

Why don't you take a step forward and contribute something more important that is being ignored by the others?

Take the responsibility of ensuring the electrical safety in your office premises this New Year. Call up the professionals associated with test and tag for a long time and check every piece of electrical appliances that will be getting used on the party are in the appropriate condition.

If you are still doubtful about the necessity of electrical safety during the New Year Party, go through the following for supporting details.

Protection for the Twinkling Lights

The lights that are used for decoration purposes during Christmas or New Year do not always come from a qualified brand. You can still suggest purchasing a new set of twinkling lights for this year. However, it will be a complete wastage of money.

Testing Christmas Lights

Instead, you can consider calling up the professional testing professionals who will check whether the lights your office bought in the last year are in working condition or not. The checking will also determine how safe the lights are.

Checking the Power Boards and Cords

There is no use of investing a reasonable amount of money on the electrical decors without even checking whether the power cords and switchboards are functioning correctly or not. The malfunctions in power chords may cause a massive electrical failure on the New Year's party itself. Therefore, choose to be on the safe side by calling up the testers and ensuring everything is fine.

Testing Power Boards

Focus on Microwave Testing for Keeping the Food Safe

Undoubtedly, the New Year party in your workplace is not only about the decoration and lighting but food and beverages as well. Whether you are using a microwave or a refrigerator in your workplace, make sure it is in excellent condition so that the food stored a day or two before the party does not get damaged in the freezer or the microwave does not start malfunctioning when you are required to make use of the appliance.

microwave testing

Keep the Fire Extinguisher Checked

Accidents do not occur after knocking at your door, and if it happens without giving you an alert, you must remain ready to face the consequences. Why don't you show your concern regarding this aspect to your colleagues during the pre-party planning?

Test the Fire Extinguisher

Make sure the fire extinguisher that is already in use for a long time at your workplace is in excellent condition. Get it checked by the professionals so that any fire caused by the decorative lights can be managed.

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