We’re living in an era of globalization which is reflected prominently in sectors like tourism, hospitality and aviation. Everyday plethora of people hailing from different countries and cultures come to India for vacation & business trips.

No more language is the barrier as the professionals working in the aviation, tourism, and hospitality are equipped and empowered with multiple languages. They are multilingual professionals which mean along with English they know another foreign language like French or Spanish. Research says becoming skilled at German language is beneficial for professionals who are into these industries where communication skills are quintessential. It is because it is a popular language and countless visitors from Germany come to India every year for holidays and corporate trips and people from India traveling to Germany for studies or work.

The German linguistic skills can be beneficial in the industry to communicate with the international travelers when they come here, or to relocate there for work. Taking German classes in Kolkata can assist career aspirants in India to find several jobs within the country in the booming tourism and hospitality industry.

What kind of jobs career aspirants & language experts can get?

For German language specialists and experts, there is no dearth of jobs in Indian tourism and hospitality industry which accounts to a healthy percentage in the growth of Indian economy and annual GDP.

Skillful candidates has various job options & wide range of opportunities to choose from such as tour operators, visitor information personnel, support executive, ground staff, transport officer, logistics, flight attendant, air hostess, immigration officers, guest relation executives hotels & resorts in private and government sectors.

Where jobs are available?

The tourism and hospitality industry is huge. Jobs are provided in aviation, cruises, and other transportation, leisure, recreation, travel agents, and event management companies. Even hotels & resorts are the major employers in this sector.

Apart from taking German classes in Kolkata for language proficiency, you need to develop the right aptitude, soft skills and personality for the jobs and thrive in the cut-throat scenario.

Knowing German will add to the qualification

The tourism and hospitality sector prefer to recruit personnel who are bilingual or multilingual. They give them priority over those who know one language or English only.

That’s because the mountains, seas, waterfalls, deserts attract global visitors or travelers to India. So taking German classes in Kolkata will surely strengthen their resume.

From grammar to vocabulary, to interpersonal communication skills, learners will get expert guidance & support for every department of the language. The expert instructors with their face to face interactive training sessions everyday will help learners master the language quickly.

There are flexible online classes too which might be ideal for professionals & working professionals looking to upgrade their existing skills or learn advanced modules in the language. Even students who like the freedom to learn at their own pace can opt for the course.

Visit IITT Language Academy for taking German classes in Kolkata and get 100% placement in the thriving sector for a fulfilling career. Get tips & protocols to get prepared for the future.

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Laxmon Gope is a famous website writer and foreign language trainer. He has written many informative articles including this one on German classes in Kolkata. He also works as a travel blogger and contributes too many online publications.