The number 101 is dreaded by most students who enroll in colleges in the United States. It denotes the first course in a subject a student may be required to complete. These classes are often quite general, sometimes even boring. But because they are mandatory, students have to take them and they have to pay for them. A 101 class is often just as expensive as a class you actually want to take, a course for your major. As college tuition costs continue to rise, more and more students are talking online chemistry courses.

What are the benefits?

Obviously, it depends on your educational provider. Most offer more affordable tuition rates than traditional brick and mortar colleges and universities. But costs can still be quite pricey. StraighterLine makes things much easier and much cheaper by focusing exclusively on required classes. Students can take a year or more of mandatory classes, which will save them beaucoup bucks on 101 and even 102 classes.

Students can choose either the $399 option for each online chemistry course they take, or the $99 monthly option that gives them the ability to add additional courses for just $39 each! Since every college or university charges different rates for these classes, it is hard to say for certain how much you will save. Many StraighterLine students save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on these required classes. This prompts an obvious question: why doesn’t everyone take their online chemistry courses from StraighterLine?

Clearly, they should. Online courses are not only a lot cheaper, they are also more flexible. Students can set their own schedules and work at their own pace. This gives them complete control, which is particularly important for students who have fulltime jobs. Their StraighterLine system is also completely and totally transparent. There are no hidden fees that students will be asked to remit after they enroll in online chemistry courses.

As important as price obviously is, the quality of the education is paramount. Since students do not actually earn their degrees through StraighterLine, the credits that they earn in the program must be transferrable to other colleges and universities. All students who pass required courses can automatically have their credits transferred to a Partner College of their choice. If the college of their dreams is not on the Partner College list, they can always create an account with the American Council of Education (ACE) and have their earned credits transferred to hundreds of other colleges and universities. A nominal fee is generally accessed to cover credit transfer costs to Non-Partner Colleges.

Online education has earned a less than stellar reputation in certain circles when it comes to customer support. At traditional colleges and universities, students are assigned personal advisors, like guidance counselors, that help them decide which plan of study is best for them. But at some online educational programs, they are pretty much left to fend for themselves. StraighterLine is different. Each enrolled student has access to individual support that is never more than a phone call away when they need help or advice.

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