The Enormous Power Behind Great Quotations:

It's been said that if a plane flying from Hawaii to Los Angeles is off by 3%, it will end up in San Francisco. Similarly, when we make a subtle shift in our thoughts, dramatically better results can occur in our lives.

Thus the power of a great quotation sometimes help us make that subtle shift that produces better results. Inherently, at some level, all people face similar problems throughout their lives. Dealing with them alone can sometimes feel burdensome. Knowing that throughout history others also have experienced and solved these issues, knowing that one is not alone, can be a great source of comfort and strength.

I personally believe that all the answers we need are already within us. Triggering our recall to find the right solution to make that 3% change that we need to effect our outcome can sometimes be as simple as an empowering quote from a great master, genius or civilization. That's why I created this website.

As I travel around the world, I see that just as different plants and animals tend to prosper in different habitats, so do various pieces of great wisdom. Whereas in one country the wisdom of doing business is great, another neighboring country has many problems in this area yet may have great family unity that doesn't exist in the country of great prosperity. And so it goes, every person, family and culture has their strengths and weaknesses, wisdom and ignorance. The real challenge for each of us is to both recognize what they are and learn where appropriate.

I hope by having Genius Quotes send you a new quote each and every day you benefit by sometimes getting that "hint" in such a way to help improve your life, gain peace and pursue your dreams for the benefit of you and those around you.

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Ed Strachar

Author's Bio: 

Author Ed Strachar has traveled the world seeking the possibilities of human potential. He is the author of many titles including Reading Genius®, Into the Genius Zone®, The Performers Edge, Energy Healing and the Sixth Sense, Magical Concentration and

Holding degrees in electrical engineering, mathematics, and an executive MBA, Ed also holds a patent on an electronic semiconductor used in modern aerospace.

He has studied, taught and consulted extensively in former Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union. His list of past clients includes Xerox, Hewlett Packard, IBM, the US Air Force Academy, the USMA at West Point and the US Naval Postgraduate School.