I am a mango tree and have learned to be a enlightened Yogi. To get enlightenment I Learnt to have complete faith in myself.

Now I am 45 and my height is also 45 ft 30 ft above earth and 15 feet below.
My abode is Venkats house in the concrete jungle of Mumbai.
Right from birth I started practicing yoga.
When I was a seed I was thrown into the mud. It rained and I started sprouting. Roots went into the earth looking out for water and my trunk wilth 2 leaves came above the soil looking at the sun absorbing air. We plants are connected to mother nature who showers love affection and we breath to grow.
We do not have a mother to show affection and to nurture.
I am blessed to have a very good friend who nurtured me with affection right from my childhood.
We had an excellent bonding with each other . He expressed his feelings everyday while watering me and would look at my trunk and leaves
I express my affection by giving him yogic lessons.
I told him We always Work on our inner strengths to bring out the best
and to endure all climatic changes whether winter or summer
. we do not have the luxury of winter dress or in summer air conditioner.
We are able to live most of the time without diseases.
We learn to to fight when parasites attack with the help of our own immune system.
When I was 5 year old I was of age. But till 7 years I did not bear any fruits only provided shade . I had grown tall and leafy. Venkat would see my leaves everyday and pray for me to bear fruit.
Venkat told me he did not know botany so he consulted his neighbor who was from Ratnagiri.
She suggested certain remedies like to put salt around me in the soil. Put manure.
Venkat told me if my root is nailed then a current will pass which will help me to bloom. I said your happiness is important to me and said do it. It was painful and gum started flowing. I took a deep breath and managed the pain
Venkat was sad as the blooming season was over . I was very happy that my first flowers have come at the top. But still I could not manage my flowers to become fruits and one after the other fell.
Venkat continued with his effort in putting Manure.,salt and water the tree. Next year I bloomed to the full and gave 300 mangoes. I could see the happiness on venkat’s face
He would always share the fruits with all his friends and relatives.
It was 1973 I was in full bloom
I could hear Venkat telling his mother do not leave the house unattended and go for Hindi Movie “Loafer” in the nearby theater as he knows his friends will pluck mangoes without his permission
it was generally a pastime in the afternoon to pluck from some tree any fruit sit together and eat. Inspite of the warning venkat’ mother went to the movie and what he feared happened.
Venkat has a sharp tongue and a great heart. He will fight on principles. Whenever there was a fight with his friend I was a target.
Venkat ‘s childhood friends had a hearty laugh and mentioned that they have plucked some mangoes and gave venkat to share.
Venkat did not speak for one whole day.
Once 30 years back there was an epidemic of parasites in Mumbai. Along with other trees I was also attacked by the parasites.
I put my yogic learning to use and my very good friend venkat helped me to recover .
I lost one hand of mine in the epidemic.
Life has to go on.
In 1992 VenkatI came to Dubai
Before coming he hugged me and told that I am an enlightened yogi . I have the inner control required that is the reason I was bearing good fruits.
Let me continue to hear your yogic achievement
I also gave my piece of advice. You have to work on 3 things never get agitated for there will be irritants. Leave your anger with me as a gift. Spread happiness all around. If you are good everything will fall in place.
I have not disappointed venkat till date and everybody in Mumbai is an eyewitness
We trees are always with Mother nature . We live on the 5 elements air,water,sun,earth and have a fire within. And One tiny seed can become a mighty tree. Let the human beings develop the inner strength to fight adversaries and with proper nurturing become an enlightened yogi

Author's Bio: 

Venkatca s a Chartered Accountant and a social enterprenuer from India Into business solution having office in Dubai and Mumbai. He is a member of Rotary Club and Toastmasters