We finally sold the old house. We have been looking for a new home for over two months. Our reality is that any offers are still pending the sale of our old house so none of our offers were accepted. Now, we are free to look for a new home. Everyone has a vision of the home that they want.

Normally, I submit to the wife for overall home appearance. We already have a price range in mind that fits the budget. From that range, we choose a couple of neighborhoods to look in. We used to drive around. Now, we start on line. We will go on one of the internet’s major home search sites and let the games begin. When we key in the home information, we put in all of the detail. We go with single story, 2000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, 2 plus bathrooms,with fireplace, and I try to type in with pool.

We work through one area, one zip code, at a time. When I walk through the homes we view, I am only looking for the best placement for electronics. Now, I am also a little happier with hardwood or laminate floors as opposed to carpet. My wife will view the rest of the house to see if it is a fit. I also look at overall appearance and the cleanliness of the house. If it looks like we have to replace a lot of items (appliances,repaint,carpet,etc.) dollar signs go through my head. If my spouse still likes the layout of the home, we will place an offer on it with some allowance at closing on the replacement costs.

We place our offers with as little earnest money as possible. We know that is not always the best way to go. On one house in our past, we placed an offer with a large amount of earnest money. The money was held for a while. Someone else got the house. We had to give minimal earnest money on next offer because our money was tied up in that one house.

On the bright side, we did get the other house. We were frustrated by not having our other money available. Even though the house was what we wanted, we still had to make it our own. I love fruit trees. So if we do not have any, I try to get a pomegranate and plum or cherry tree. My next working is getting the grass green and looking good if it is not already. After that, I am done with the outside.

I go right into electronics next. It is just picking locations and getting it all set up. When this is done, my role becomes enjoy the house. I always enjoy moving into a new house after all of the boxes are unpacked.

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Believe that success is based on faith,family,and friends.

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