Are you a proud owner of an Audi Q7? Do you use music streaming services/internet radio/Android applications on the go? If yes, you might want an Android head unit for your Audi Q7. With the help of it, you can integrate your tablet and smartphone with the Audi car stereo. Whether you drive solo or with others, it is the best way to enjoy music on the go. Plus, there’s more to it that you can do on long drives or while taking trips for a longer duration.

Audi Q7 head unit Android head unit (2015-2020) is a valuable addition to the array of head units for the Audi Q7. Read on to know how installing this item can help enhance your driving experience on the roads.

Audi Q7 Head Unit – A Valuable Addition to Audi A7
Loaded with Android 8.1, the Audi Q7 Android head unit has sophisticated features to improve your experience of enjoying music. Other than enjoying music, you can also do more with Audi android auto.

The prominent features of the newly launched head unit for Audi Q7 include the ones given below.

1. Wired and Wireless Carplay & Android Auto
The head unit lets you control your mobile device and also view its screen. It acts as a car radio to perform this task. As a result, you can operate your mobile device and also view its screen with ease even while driving.

2. Built-in GPS Navigation
Built-in navigation will provide you with valuable information about the direction and speed of your vehicle. It is a useful feature. The Audi Q7 head unit which has built-in GPS navigation has SatNav GPS with up-to-date maps. It involves a point of interest, vertical Overspeed warnings, and speed cameras. The best part of the built-in GPS navigation of the Android head unit is that it can operate even without the Internet.

3. The latest technology for enjoying podcasts and music
The Android head unit for Audi Q7 is compatible with different kinds of connectivity technologies. You can connect compatible music devices with it through USB and Bluetooth. The head unit also works well in conjunction with a kit sold separately. The name of the kit is Factory Premium Sound System. The DSP-based variable equalizer makes listening to music and podcasts an invaluable experience while driving on the roads.

4. Useful RCA plugin and integration with Google Assistant
Worried about the potential breakdown issues with your car? You do not need to worry about it. The RCA plugin of the Android head unit for Q7 will keep reporting about it. Compatibility with Google Assistant is another useful feature. You can go handsfree and keep your focus on driving

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