The not so dear winters are already here in North India, and it is not so pleasant to drive a bike on the cold roads. Nonetheless, the car drivers must be at bliss because they don’t have to bear the infamous head of the summer. Driving in every weather has its pros and cons, but winter driving requires more caution than summer driving. You have to be careful of a few things that change because of the weather, which also include the adjustments your body has to make.

Take proper rest

Most people in winter require more sleep than normal owing to the cozy blankets and the comfort of warmth in bed. Nevertheless, there is no shame in admitting that winters make most people lazy. You can surrender to the comfort of bed and take adequate sleep before leaving for a road trip. Eight hours of sleep is good enough for your body; you may like to sleep more if you feel so. Good amount of sleep ensures that your body is fresh and not sleep-deprived so that you can pay complete attention to driving.

Don’t drive at night

December and January are the months when you should completely avoid driving at night because of the thick fog that entails in North India. The highways are even foggier than the inner streets, which makes long-distance driving even more difficult. People often prefer night driving in summer because the roads are less crowded, but it is quite the opposite during winter. Even though there are not many vehicles on the highways during cold weather, people often lose control because of the fog and sleep-deprivation. Because of other drivers driving roughly, you may also indulge in a chain of accidental vehicles.

Watch weather reports

If you have already planned for a road trip in cold weather, you must keep a track of temperature at your destination over the period of time you plan to stay there. Carry adequate clothes, stack up the car with foods, and keep a few blankets in the car. Traveling becomes really challenging when the passengers are cold in the car.

Drive with care

You must accelerate and decelerate slowly when you are on the highways or inner streets. Braking may become tough in cold weather because the roads become slippery. You must maintain proper distance with the cars in front, and brake slowly whenever needed. Abrupt braking may imbalance your car and cause harm to the vehicles behind you as well.

Driving on the mountains

The only advantage of driving on snow-covered hills is that you will not find many cars on the roads. You can use honking whenever required to alert the other drivers while driving uphill. You must try not to apply brakes when driving ascending on a mountain, especially if the path is wet or snowy. It becomes very risky to stop a reversing vehicle.

Keep the emergency contact information

Wherever you visit in India or abroad during winters, you must keep the phone numbers of emergency contacts written on a piece of papers. Such numbers include those of road assistance, local people if you know any, and local police in addition to the 100 number. It is better to keep them printed rather than depending on the internet.

Winter road trips are just another level of thrill for those who like this weather. North Indian states witness amazing winters during the months of December to February. You can hire best Self-Drive Car Rental in Delhi to take a breathtaking road trip to the mountains and make unforgettable memories.


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