Everyone has two sets of life, first is real and second is virtual world. In your real life, you have many responsibilities; you have to complete projects, do household works, learn to live in a society, and have to behave in a decent manner with everybody. You have to see social etiquettes while interacting with your family, friends and network. Everyone has some desires, some instincts and some tendencies, which inspire him or her to do some antisocial activities. But in your real life, you can't do them so as to maintain a law and order in your society. You are responsible for maintaining peace and harmony in your community.

Now we talk of virtual world. This world is created by you. It is the world of your imagination. In it, you can do anything you like. You are totally free here. You have no responsibilities. You have no duties to fulfill. In this world you can satisfy your carnal desires, your lecher tendencies, you do evil acts without any repent. The best part of this world is that you never hurt anybody by your evil acts. It is all about your fantasy. If you are a tough fighter, you can kill anyone without the fear of being caught. You can destruct houses and shopping malls, you can destroy petrol pumps and filling stations, you can hit policemen and run away, and you can do many naughty acts and take shrewd decisions.

It is all about your freedom to live your life in your virtual world. You'll be surprised where this virtual world exists? So, don't take your imagination anywhere else. It exists in your own study room at the 2x2 screen of your computer system. PC games take you away from your real life miseries and give you complete peace of mind. You'll find a PC game on every aspect of life. Soldiers will find a tough virtual war, adventure seekers will find deadly adventures, and racers will find the toughest races in the world. You can also steal valuables and run away with them.

If you want to live your life in your own way, download PC video games from online game stores and make your personal computer your new virtual world. Do the things, which you can't imagine to do in your real life. Go away from all the tensions of daily life and live your life fully in this new virtual world. Enhance the thrill by inviting your friends to play the game with you.

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