It seems madness to think of a world without mobile communications. How many times have you heard people say, “I’d be lost without my mobile”, it’s a common saying and one that I’ve used myself in the past. The problem with mobiles is they can lose signal too easily and that’s not great if you need to stay connected wherever you are in the world. In this instance Satellite Phones are the better option, they provide worldwide coverage and operate with the same efficiency as Two Way Radios.

Satellite Phones are totally reliable you’ll never find a signal drop-off when you use this type of technology. Networks for Satellite Phones are far more reliable than mobile networks and you can make and take calls with greater confidence. Satellite Phones are just as easy to use as cellular devices but they’re a darn sight more practical if you work around the world.

Why are Satellite Phones different?

Buy a mobile phone or take one out on contract and the signal the phone receives comes from transmitting towers that are sited on the ground. It’s different with Satellite Phones, their signals come from satellites in space and as a result the coverage is far superior. Signals on mobile can drop depending on the network coverage in a specific area but Satellite Phones can make and receive calls even in the most remote areas. For this reason Satellite Phones prove to be popular choices for remote workers or people that travel the world for business purposes and they’re widely available from suppliers of Two Way Radios.

Can you buy Satellite Phones from normal phone shops?

Not really, Satellite Phones are specialist items of equipment that are normally sold through satellite phone firms like Ace Communication Distributors. By design, Satellite Phones look a lot like Two Way Radios they are tough and durable and capable of working in extreme weather conditions. Different types of Satellite Phones are available and if you are interested in this type of technology it’s worthwhile speaking to communication companies they’ll help you stay connected on your travels. Great deals can be found on Satellite Phones and in most instances they work out to be cheaper to run than standard ranges of mobile phones.

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