Not being able to pick up a cup of tea from the table in front of you can be really vexing. If it also means that you can’t easily turn your head to view someone who has just entered the room, then it means you should seek professional help. Falls, accidents, lifting heavy loads, even change of season are some of the reasons any person might suffer from stiffness and pain in the shoulder. You have several treatment options which differ in terms of efficacy, cost, side effects, and long-term impact. You might find the chiropractic line of treatment the most congenial.

Service with a Difference

Quite a few times one gets distressed more by the attitude of the care provider than by the line of treatment. However, the best chiropractors put you at your ease by focusing all attention on you. They don’t begin with preconceived notions. They will recommend shoulder chiropractic adjustments in Kanata only after listening to your symptoms, taking measurements, studying your x-ray plates, and usually it will be done in conjunction with spinal adjustments. They understand that just reducing pain or getting your shoulder more mobile can’t be the only concern. You don’t want the issue cropping up again.

Accident generated pain: If the distress is an after effect of an accident, then greater care must be exercised to ensure that any muscular injury which is deep seated gets an opportunity to heal properly.

Multi-Pronged Approach Proves More Beneficial

Remember, your long-term health is a reliable chiropractor’s aim. No good chiropractor plans a line of care while does not take a holistic approach. This is why neck and shoulder pain treatment in Kanata does not rely only on adjustments, but complement them with any of the varying kinds of massage available. Depending on the age, weight, size, and complexity of the pain, the chiropractor will suggest the use of hot stones, manual massage - using a relaxation technique or a therapeutic massage of varying pressure, or even foam rollers.

Care tailored specifically for you: Instead of prescribing identical lines of treatment for everyone who shows up, the finest chiropractor knows that your care plan should be carefully tailored to your needs. Therefore, neck and shoulder pain which arises from bad posture and/or stress is usually treated with relaxing massage which not only releases the stiff and sore muscles, but also stimulates circulation. This in turn releases internal hormones, while flushing out toxins. After a round of treatment, you begin to enjoy a flexibility you’ve never experienced before.

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