We all love trees and especially if we live in urban areas or cities we prefer to see trees as a glimpse of green definitely brings new life. Thus, in city life many of us love to grow trees inside your apartments but lack of space becomes a problem. In order to overcome this problem many of us prefer to grow trees in containers. But sometimes due to limited space problem the tree fails to grow properly and dies pre-maturely. In order to stop the unstable as well as unhealthy trees the superoot air pots are the perfect solution to your problem.

If you are wondering what is superoot air pots, then read more to find out. It is kind of containers that features air pruning designs and helps to keep plants root bound. It is considered a great innovation in container gardening. Although in recent times the superoot air pots are also used in growing plants in early stages to be planted in gardens. This incredible plastic container helps to enhance the quality of root system in plants thereby ensuring that the plant stays healthy right from the beginning.

Generally when a plant is in a pot the root starts spiralling when it touches the flat surface of the container that results in unhealthy and unstable tree. Superoots air-pot prune the tree roots with air which is known as air-pruning. The container that comes in a cone shape have holes that dehydrate root tip due to sudden greater air density in soil that results in air-pruning. This results in stimulating the tree to create more roots to make up for the lost ones. In this way the tree creates dense as well as fibrous root system compared to the standard pots. The root thus expands in natural radial and not in spiralling which is much more healthy for a plant.

This amazing plastic container is made from high quality materials that can be reused as many times as you like. With superoot air pots you can only expect to have benefits only that includes eliminating root circling, reduced growing time on nursery, simplified production, dramatic reduction in losses etc.

Based on your requirements you can find different sizes and dimensions of superoot air pots. Other than the above mentioned advantages, these amazing container is very well designed that can be stored very easily. These air pots are very environment friendly also as it is made from recycled HDPE, the same material used to manufacture milk cartons.

If you are planning to plant new plants or trees in your outdoor garden the superoot air pots can be used to start the plants to be jumped them later to your garden. You can also use it for growing, harvesting or transplanting. The end result of the superoot air pots are so satisfactorily that the best nurseries use it regularly to harvest and grow high quality shrubs and trees. In fact it is said that pots yielded amazing results that are generally known to be reluctant in growing on containers. Strengthen the root of your plant with Superoots air-pot.

Author's Bio: 

Andrew S has a M.S. degree in botany and have sound knowledge on ways to grow trees in a healthy way with superoot air pots. He recommends to use superoot air pots for a healthy root of the tree.