The Diamond account holders can now experience a better way of surfing the net with Usenet’s browser called Mimo. Better Newsgroups and Usenet Search are the main features of this browser.

Searching the web now will be much more fun and exciting with Mimo Usenet introduced by Golden Frog, Inc. This high-speed browser put forward amazing speed and comes with more improvements this time. The user interface of this browser is a lot better this time. It also provides many other features to make your browsing experience better and smooth. Some of the primary features it offers include faster download, Usenet Search, PAR and RAR technology, etc.

Easy installation of Mimo

When it comes to installation of Mimo Usenet, it can be easily installed on Mac OSX and Windows. To install this browser, all you need is an installer and then you just need to follow the installation wizard. As this browser is available for Giganews users, it will ask the Giganews log in username as well as password. Once you enter the password and username, you just need to select Test Connection for further verification.

Different Newsgroups

The Mimo Usenet offer Newsgroups and you can browse through different groups from the search bar and can locate a group for getting information according to a topic. One can come across interesting groups with the help of Show Group button, and then you can add it to your favorites list. While you browse the Newsgroups, you can still download and view images on this browser with the feature of advanced image viewing.

Integrated Search

The integrated search feature of Mimo Usenet is optimized for better Giganews retention and it also provide integrated accelerator from Giganews. The download manager of this browser has also improved, and now it feature download queue, which enable you to manage and view downloads list easily. However, to use these features you need to have a Giganews account, as you will be asked to provide the username and password while installing this browser.

Improved features of Mimo

When you install Mimo Usenet for the first time, you can get instructions on the way to use this browser. You can also find out how to use the Usenet Search function and then perform your searches easily. Now, Diamond members of Giganews can also download the Beta version of Mimo that features better steadiness and speed. You can also get features such as text posting and NZB import with this browser. Header Control bar is another important feature. This bar display article IDs, available Newsgroup, and the download percentage as well as estimated download time. The Newsgroup display is nice, and it also display cross posted newsgroups, and help you to organize images in various multi-image posts.

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One can browse the web with the help of Mimo Usenet, as this browser now comes with a number of improvements. This has affected the performance and the speed of the browser, as it much faster and versatile now. With Mimo Usenet you can get latest features like Usenet Search and Threaded Messaging.