Engineered wood flooring is the latest innovation in the wooden flooring technology which provides the highest quality of wooden floors by combining the best quality of wood available with the modern techniques. The greatest advantage of the engineered wooden flooring is that it allows the wooden boards to be of symmetrically same shape and size rather than the traditional wooden flooring boards which were required to be of different sizes. This not only provides for a more unified look but also gives a greater aesthetic appeal, strength and modernity to the setup.

Engineered hardwood floor boards are made by laying the real wooden boards over the plywood. The boards are manufactured keeping in mind that each of them provides strength and maximizes the durability of the whole setup. The engineered wooden boards are available in all the traditional wooden types like the oak and hickory. Besides, the eco friendly, bamboo options are also available. The engineered wooden flooring has become one of the top choices for the people who are willing to re furnish their homes or offices or are looking for a flooring option while building a new setup.

There are numerous benefits of using the engineered wood flooring over the other traditional options. The engineered wood comes in a number of thickness options and can be laid in a number of ways. The thinner and traditional boards were required to be glued or nailed or laid with the help o fasteners which is not always the case with the engineered hardwood floors. The engineered wooden floors are almost an inch and a half thick and can be laid with the help of floating flooring technique which is fast, clean, durable and cost effective. The overall setup of the engineered wooden flooring demands lesser maintenance and it can be renewed to its natural look and beauty with the help of simple waxing and buffing.

The engineered wooden boards for flooring can also be sanded and re finished a number of times. The top most layer is more than an inch thick and this speaks volumes about the sanding options available. The families that have pets and children which are biggest threats to the life of the wooden flooring, the engineered wooden flooring is the best option as it can be re finished a number of times. The types of wood used in the engineered wood boards offer a lot of protection even when there is a great amount of indoor traffic.

The hardwood engineered wooden floor is best suited for the areas where there would be little or limited exposure to moisture such as the living rooms and bedrooms while there are specially engineered wooden boards for bathrooms and kitchen which offer greater resistance to moisture.

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