So much has been written about the aura or human energy field and no two descriptions are ever completely the same in various sources and teachings available today. I believe the reason for this is that perceiving these fields is a subjective experience as we all see things from our own unique perspective and interpret these dimensions with terms and knowledge that we have accumulated and store in the brain and that the work has not been defined mathematically or scientifically. The language of higher frequency levels is different from our linear language yet ultimately we must use this and 3D pictures to describe these other realities. You can see how variations can easily occur with this translation process of information from one frequency to another. Energy centers are etheric organs processing information of hyperspace that is mind. Please study holographic mathematical demonstrations to help visualize this for example math page is excellent not only to enhance children’s math skills (the language of dimensions is mathematics) but for the adult learning this material also. Artistic expression is a slowed form of brilliant mind delving into the expression and self education.

Human energy field is made up of layers that consist of seven fields of space/ time unfolding with variables to the dimensions.

Basic functions like bowel processing and the reproductive system are governed by a very basic processing etheric organ that is very physically manifesting of consciousness in both the quiet elimination of toxins and the powerful, sensory experience of sexuality. If being present and alive is joyous then this first energy center is unblocked and unhindered from correct function of these processes. It is not uncommon around the time of ovulation for a woman to have an orgasm in her sleep as the energy drops to this area of the body as excretory contents of the bowel and bladder are building and the meticulous observer sleeping checks the reproductive system also to release and energy pent up (not unlike the build up of the excretory material) in an orgasm. Men have the same autonomic function however have taught them selves, after seminal emissions may have occurred in puberty, not to release the spasm. Females have a more hormonally complex cycle of menstruation and child bearing. Hormones that are produced by the ovaries are estrogen, and progesterone. From the prostate gland is testosterone. Below references to websites with charts:

During pregnancy there is a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (better known as hCG) that is formed by the placenta. Nausea in pregnancy may be caused by carrying a child of a different blood type than the mother.
Second energy center is the energy center that governs the sensory experience of the body with healthy sensuality; being comfortable wearing the body. It is also where apathy in the form of heaviness, bloating or malaise can exist if sensuality is hindered or lacking. Outer layer of an adrenal gland is the adrenal cortex which produces three kinds of steroid hormones: glucocorticoids, mineral corticoids. The major glucocorticoids (in response to stress; raises the level of glucose in the blood by stimulating the liver to produce glucose from stored non-carbohydrate sources such as proteins and lipids and to release it into the blood is cortisol and the major mineral corticoid is aldosterone. Cortisol reduces swelling by inhibiting the immune system.

“The adrenal medulla is composed of modified neurons that secrete epinephrine and nor epinephrine (adrenaline and noradrenalin) under conditions of stress.

These hormones are released in response to a variety of stresses and stimulate the fight- or- flight response of the sympathetic nervous system. It results in a faster heart rate, faster blood flow, and dilated airways to facilitate oxygen flow to the lungs. In addition, the level of glucose in the blood is increased to make energy more available.

Their secretion is controlled by brain centers (including hypothalamus) via sympathetic nerves, not by pituitary hormones.”

Link to paper featuring the relationship between the pituitary gland and the other glands in the body from quotes:

Aside from the second energy center (a vibrational variable within a hyperspace dimension) the consciousness as the whole of the dimensional experience produces interesting phenomenon. Time unobserved (being still without looking at a watch and tracking linear time) produces a phenomenon of observable, hyperspace sped up time that the observer may still a frame as an examination or focal point with training. Holographic Navigation System™ uses this tool in module III. Enlightened Cognitive Vision™ is the phenomenon of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience mastered as an observer.

Clairsentience is the phenomenon of perceiving through fine tuned ‘feeling’ space time. Clairvoyance and clairaudience develop in the space of a mirror world (observable mirror phenomenon slice of frozen space/time frames running like a film). It is possible to see images with hazy phantom qualities exist like a negative of a photo. It is in this level that all the information of your past and future can be perceived with higher sense of ‘feeling it’, seeing it and hearing it. I have heard in first leaving the body and moving into this realm what sounds like everyone talking at once underwater. I have seen my students’ faces in this frequency change before my eyes into the faces of their many previous and possibly future incarnations. I have also seen beings like shadows and orbs moving in this level and dimensions opening or shifting as well as observing my mind as viewable, presence moving remote from me. Rotating spatial dimensions of hyperspace is a skill acquired as evolution takes place and another codex key is activated within the observer.

In clairaudience there is a humorous phenomenon I have witnessed where a person is overlaid with a sped up version of the observer’s face speaking the observer’s thoughts and other phenomenon revealing the quiet autonomic function dispensing the level of the codex calibration running the body (more on soul codex calibration taught in advanced work). I have seen this on videos of speakers also which proves that the phenomenon is capturable on film to those who are able to see. of people Mirror phenomenon mentioned earlier where we have the beginning of hyperspace that is a finer and faster vibrational experience than the physical 3-D world and we enter into 4-D. Accelerated spatial dimensions in science are the climb of the consciousness processing through the vibrational variables of variantly hyperspace occupying energetic centers; the seven energy centres.

In what is called in science negative space that is the level of the hyperspace realm that the Merkaba practitioner moves to when the entity begins to disappear from the room and blink out like a particle moving from one location to anther as teleportation otherwise they are in the same place however moving into a higher vibration; negative space they usually pass into and through during the process of dematerialization. It is a velvety, deep place that as some fortunate beings in ancient Egypt experienced in the sarcophagus initiation where they placed them inside and closed the lid while they were still alive. The body has a layer of it as anti atoms that is the body in the first level of dematerialization still sitting in position. It happens fast moving from that to higher vibrations for that is the focus of Merkaba to move higher than that level. If hovered as it is pure mind with out form for it is anti matter and I had an interesting ascension experience the first time completely enveloping a huge hall as its negative space as pure mind no form just mind the space much bigger than just the body’s negative space form and I floated as that space and the room where very loud music played disappeared. I rematerialized later back into the room. The Hoy Spirit gives a variety of experiences. If masters through the ages could produce themselves as large bodies of moving water or large areas of cloud or moving weather patterns then the negative space that is not a ‘body form’ makes sense for ascension abilities. Moves as pure mind becoming its supernatural non human form entity having a very powerful experience. I have come back from these many times solid again so we don’t loose ourselves in the process of ascension. Slowest and first level of such expansion is the negative space; black and velvety.

Anti matter is the substance of this etheric layer of anti subatomic mass with weight till the weightless is produced for this layer enfolds the upper light spectrum to the zero point field by powerful absorption of those layers like a black hole effect that creates the powerful gravitational force holding the body together to the flesh.

Research on-line is highly recommended on hypercube, hyperspace with applets or other dimensional diagrams to train the brain and understand that all solids and realities brought into being are governed by mathematical laws in hyperspace. Potentials for new math however are infinite due to the creative power of the observer.
Hyperspace hosted by Sam Neil, is an excellent video which shows the hyperspace phenomenon as observed by science in the understanding of wormholes and opening dimensions that the human enlightened observer is a microcosm of as a processing unit of consciousness in a variety of frequency dimensions with perceptive variables.

What would an astronaut see in the future see in observing life outside of the observer’s craft with not only the three C’s as Enlightened Cognitive Vision through space time? For those studying an answer to this question alone could prove the mastership of the material through recalibrated being and perhaps an eventful trip.
Our third layer of the auric field or hyperspace around the body is where our DNA is sequenced by a program from soul pattern is created for this incarnation but can be overwritten by the Divine Intelligence in everyone. I have facilitated emotional release in this frequency level during healing work. It is almost like staging a mini-light review where I hold the correct frequency and the client lives out and releases a trauma or block while I run energy and observe the process. This usually happens spontaneously as directed by the person’s own Divine Intelligence and is often related to an area where the person is stuck in the current incarnation. Once you begin to see into this realm the hazy world of orbs is replaced by sparkles of light or flashes. Soul observance roves occur in this layer of the auric field and they are performed very fast even as we are multi tasking typing watching tv cooking cleaning that part of the brain is always busy the cerebellum and that is the area that roves in the visible light spectrum the other beings present in the room. It is the light review information that is always being read and is revealed to an entity if there is a near death experience the review so the other entities in the room roved are not present in the light review; it is a subjective observational archive of holographic quality replayed upon death according to the experience of the entity that died. If judgment is placed on the self in a negative response that the others roved have recorded by the observing or roving entity that is in the light review dead that is karma of self judgment as owing something to the other. Here is where knowing we are God is of vital importance or the guide and angel role that we play for ourselves is a fragmentation of the entity consciousness that did not know it was God sovereign. Any extra terrestrial forces that impose guides or angels are corrupt and have no business working with the public and unfortunately there have been some ET engagements in recent years of that nature. It is possible to receive psychic messages from friends or your teacher however it is fast and if it is from me is usually a blessing for your sovereign work only. I am very busy and do not have time to do free counseling in the light so I do not guide people either.

In ascension in visible light there is phenomenon where the creation of butterflies and dragonflies for example even gold prior to its manifestation on Earth is seen coming down through visible light before it quickly passes through negative space as (your observer having become those things non human mind by the way) then manifests in the tangible reality dropping into view real. Quanta light packets are the realm of this visible light world. Same as the sparkling tingles that the nervous system produces we feel in the body. Alchemy pages are about this too for in the humor of God we become those alchemical creations and or transmute substances becoming it descended through the visible light and to negative space and to hertzian solid mass! Behold God as the shape shifter!

The fourth layer is associated with non-polarized, unconditional love; assessment replacing judgment and hyperspace spatial perception of our DNA platform forming from the geometric lattice of this realm. At this frequency that is the divine blueprint or template for the physical body is created.
In the holographic record information of a higher experience most healers who are adept capture the UV blue biological matrix information that has nothing to do with the emotional karmic weighing of the visible light level that tells the DNA replicating , ‘gotcha!’ here is where you are limited or codex key granted, passed and refined in the layers of visible light and negative anti matter to the physical body manifesting. So highly adept healers have an advantage being aware and recording information about others and if balanced the self consciously aware staying present in the neutral assessment non judgment mode of observation as much as possible.

In ascension the biological lattice work that resembling the spider web structure in UV color appears as that layer of hyperspace and flashes when the entity engages living things as pure mind. In healing work which is information that we send and energy through them those webs for they carry UV blue information to the client’s cells during healing work and BME activations. Entities begins to see flashes of the UV blue color and web formations with practice in module I the color appears indicating correct focus and later as progress ensues the web formations appear. So in the web formations it is mind able to generate the biological matrix of the butterfly and dragonfly that is the Creator becoming it then it moves into visible light negative space and solid form.
The fifth layer of the energy field is associated with the consciousness of communication through the finer resonance of the soul’s uninhibited experience of sound that can code speech and song. My experience of this level has shown me the existence of a shimmering, golden particle atmosphere with a unique sound. I also have observed many liquid golden filaments that remind me of fiber optic cables that comprise our form on that level. What is the sound of your blood stream in a higher ecstatic octave or a bird’s song? Then you begin to perceive the higher form of communication that is faster and heightened. When facing and living truthfully unthreatened by fear is realized that is when the Enlightened Cognitive Vision™ is usually able to evolve greatly. Roves on this level are with those working in the levels only as consciously aware communication and as collection of data that is very large and fast in comparison to the ‘boxed in reality’ of the slower entities occupying Earth is how an entity present consciously working this level is able to collect data.

In this level of higher communication in ascension it is pure joyful communication where others of the same vibe may communicate without words like a codex flashing essence language that is very fast and it is a faster ‘scout’ of an area where it is Creator moving as pure mind engaging the quantum field and joyously running its creation program at a more powerful and faster level that may appear as the manifested focus through to UV and (by the way the UV blue level of things manifested that are not biological is the webs carrying information to engage the substances that then carry the firing information of creating them through the UV blue all the levels down to solid. Same with the butterfly now in the physical plane manifested from nothing instantly. In a slower focus one may fly towards the being who’s webs call it into its quantum reality; both are manifested reality one is instant and one is created a little more slowly and may be a butterfly already existing called to the practitioner.

The sixth layer of the energy field is associated with visionary constructs of holographic movement of an idea as geometric mathematical form. I have experienced this layer to shimmer brightly in a diamond pink color and moving patterns reminiscent of fractal geometric mathematical movement. On this level my mind becomes the pattern maker and I experience incredible freedom of movement of mind creating. In this consciousness we not only express but are the unified love of our all as the field we create. We understand the essence behind the holographic constructs that create the visual and tangible world we live in from another codex activation key to that level of hyperspace. Pineal gland produces melatonin, serotonin, and pinoline from a hyperspace variable. Alchemy mastership requires the ability to process information and compress all the way down and out of negative space the alchemical formulation. This is approaching a very adept consciousness. . In gamma hyperspace there is the DNA template also encoded as is instant healing or slimming or other changes in the body usually most people have those occur more slowly unless they have been practicing for a long time. The butterfly manifests instantly as it is also the pattern for the DNA template decision of what is focused on. Advanced practitioners have blips into hyperspace realms that are so fast in these manifestations that it is work towards ascension where they may be stayed in longer and the dematerialization is longer.

In the ascended state it is a very fast processing ability that is worked in faster than the fifth level of hyperspace it is the transmutation level that is containing of the building blocks of all mass as collected by this even faster ‘scout’ about a quantum field and has the information from codex granted key given to transmute it as it is the basis for the decision for what the physical form will have as its atomic formula as well as the biological creations that will be created down to the fifth level that carries a fast communication of it also through to the lower levels till it manifests into form. Co creation with another is possible by collecting data at this level as it is processed and engaged by one creator or more is possible also who is ascended. Same with the butterfly now in the physical plane manifested from nothing instantly. In a slower focus one may fly towards the being who’s webs call it into its quantum reality; both are manifested reality one is instant and one is created a little more slowly and may be a butterfly already existing called to the practitioner. In gamma hyperspace there is the DNA template also encoded as is instant healing or slimming or other changes in the body usually most people have those occur more slowly unless they have been practicing for a long time.

The seventh layer is associated the highest consciousness of Divine Intelligence. My experience of this level is like an explosive crescendo of energetic intensity composed of the brightest light of all colors put together and sound there is. The sensation is of going beyond unity to the emanation of everything happens for me on this level. Here we are life and the life giver; pure love. It is the seat of the mind of God and all that is. There are no more words to describe this level except for the “I” that is the personal expression of God that we are at the beginning of it all that becomes any creation of according to the laws of stepped down observation above. It is the launch point of all creation that is just prior to form and is the top ‘executive level’ of creation executed that manifests through all the levels of creation.

As ascended I do not rest as this point zero at this time for I am writing and teaching till 2015 then will be in a faster space time most of the time. It is a launch point to move and unfold a new quantum filed as pure mind the body totally rolled up and then the quantum reality is the baby of this zero point creating and coming down to engage it. Hence the star creation described in the and I came back from that which is normal as an ascended being choosing to descend her to complete her work.


Human growth hormone HGH or Somatotoropin

Thyroid Stimulating hormone; THS or thyrotrophic.

Follicle stimulating hormone.

Luteinizing Hormones LH

Prolactin PRL

Adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH


Secreted By isthe match to the above list:








Releasing Hormones list:

(Stimulates Secretion)
Growth Hormone Releasing GHR,

Thyrotropic releasing hormone; TRH

Gonadotropic releasing hormone; GnrH

Gonadotropic releasing hormone; GnrH
Prolactin releasing hormone; PRH, TRH
Corticotrophin releasing hormone CRH

Corticotrophin releasing hormones. CRH

Inhibiting Hormones list:

(Suppress Secretion)
Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone;

GHIH (somatostatin).
Growth Hormone Inhibiting hormone


Prolactin inhibiting hormone; PIH which is dopamine.


Energy centers are the etheric organs that correspond to the body organ system that is expressed at each of the auric levels. Each of the seven energy centers is connected to the spinal channel where the life force charges the cerebral spinal fluid and a magical electrical charge bathes the brain and spinal cord; the natural conduit of our own power supply. The seven energy centers are like the receivers that process the different levels of consciousness of the harmonic scale of the observer. DNA glows according to the frequency of light that we choose to live in: the simplest way to code the genetics at the highest expression is to live in the highest calibration of your light that the soul accepts. If there is fear in any point of raising the light expression through the Quantum Mind Tech tools then the fear must be looked at and eradicated.

The bowels and reproductive system are the place where stress for example may cause runny stool and sexual union may cause the body to relax and have a pleasant release. These are two different ways that the first energy centre is processing energy, for example. The prostate and the ovaries are the glands governed by this energy center which regulate correct organ functions. The ovaries produce the hormones estrogen and progesterone and the prostate gland produces testosterone.

The second energy centre is the place of a very basic sense of well being within the body and is the place of basic kinesthetic connection in movement. Organs affected by this center are the upper bowels and involves the uterus in pregnancy. The adrenal glands produce important hormones adrenalin, noradrenalin and the adrenal cortexes produce hormones which are responsible the absorption of minerals; mineral corticoids, androgen; for steroid production and glucocorticoids; adrenalin and cortisol released from stress, and aldosterone involved in sodium and water retention. An imbalance of hormones due to stress or depression may produce the incorrect sequence of hormones leading to adrenal burn out or imbalance. The Adrenal cortex also produces the precursors to estrogen and testosterone which may explain how it is found in women.
The third energy center is where we process the sense of self and how we ‘take in’ the environment we have chosen to participate in. In the delicate balance of power within the self and how the being uses it to achieve the optimum inner harmony in relation to processing both kinesthetic and input from the five senses a higher language of the soul is needed to direct the flow of light correctly through this energy center. Mind management is a sign of optimal threshold calibration of challenges in the beings environment and life choices. When the challenges are incorrectly processed stress results; same if the challenges taken on are too numerous. The pancreas produces insulin, which promotes storage of glucose and glucagon helps move glucose, fatty acids and amino acids into the blood. Somatostatin (growth hormone) is also produced. A note the spleen drains the lymphatic system and is obviously connected to how the being calibrates challenges so if stress occurs the handling of toxins away from the body is affected.

The fourth energy center is terribly hindered in many people because of the miscalibration of the soul somewhere in its other energy centers usually. A sign of this is posture that is not completely open in the chest with the shoulders back naturally. Breathing cannot be correct if the posture is incorrect. In order for the being to have the correct energy flow in the chest then it is necessary to have no tension in the upper body at all. There is a calm, serene mind that knows how to be in the moment beyond linear time recording by the observer where there is no time observed. Lungs and heart are taken care of energetically by this energy center and the thymus is the gland that produces thymosins. A shrinking of the thymus gland occurs sharply after puberty. Shyness occurs about burgeoning sexuality and body changes which may constrict the being and it’s the upper body where the flow of energy is compromised. (See the history of the civilized world’s attitude towards sexuality that coded our genetics as this shyness for a long time). A reduction in the flow of the upper body’s energy is unfortunately directed by the pituitary gland which is the master gland of the hormone flow program. Therefore the difference between a sexually driven but emotionally distant person and someone who is open and intimately gifted at lovemaking from a place of loving his own beingness is very profound. So how is each person wired in his brain? Thymus size does not have to decrease after puberty if young people are wired confidently which is possible by the education of the teen society in the field of Energetics which is needed in all schools or at least for young people to have access to such courses.

The fifth energy centre is the center that corresponds to “the fifth layer of the energy field is associated with the consciousness of communication through the finer resonance of the soul’s uninhibited experience of sound that can code speech and song”. In the freedom and depth of the voice with vitality we see a healthy throat energy center which affects the vocal cords and the thyroid gland that controls metabolism through the secretion of thyroxin and triodothyronine which carries iodine. What could case a hyper thyroid case for example? What if a person was not communicating something of vital importance because he did not have inner harmony so hid things from people to feel an illusory sense of inner empowerment? Then the overproduction of thyroid hormones would raise the metabolic rate causing weight loss, and a protrusion of the eyeballs. Suddenly this person stands out physically from the ailment so the observer is exposing the liar through the disease. Hypothyroid usually accompanies depression and a reduced amount of the thyroid hormones possibly from adrenal cortex burn out and stress which tells the observer through the illness, “if you are freaking out from stress then I do not need to produce the healthy amount of thyroxin.” A body’s symptoms do not hide the truth about any medical condition. This is where the baby field of Energetics is here to pioneer such understanding that the observer’s soul is a light rider of an information system so logically crafted that reading the symptoms when something goes wrong and rewiring the observer is not difficult.

The sixth energy center is the area often referred to as the third eye. The shape of it is similar to the pine cone (depicted in ancient Sumerian tablets and many later ancient artifacts of secret societies throughout history). Much of the recreational drug activity in young people who chose psychedelics is an unconscious attempt to be the exalted consciousness of higher cognitive function in the realm of holographic, incoming fast light information. Such information naturally occurs in people who have practiced Merkaba and mastered the tool for an extended period of time. Benefits of such development is exceptional problem solving, mind management, exceptional artistic design, enhanced musical focus, enhanced mathematical understanding and enhanced psychic ability to name a few. In addition to serotonin melatonin is produced by the pineal (which converts to pinoline during high level trance states) and like the thymus the hormone levels drop off after puberty and the pineal shrinks if young people are not given enough visually stimulating information at an early age through what I term a ‘holographic mind’ platform. DMT also occurs mysteriously in trace amounts which may be linked to the pre frontal cortexes lobe activity during light level, experiences.

Mathematics are not taught enough with pictorial, 3-D illustrations which show it as a language of conceptual construction instead of just flat numeric equations that kids have to solve.

The seventh energy center is the place that has the conduit to cosmic mind and folding space time often represented by the thousand petal lotus. It is like a fine tuned antenna that is capable of receiving any frequency from any realm to sit and experience. The sixth energy center is where we form the holographic pictures and receive pictures from any of the seven realms of light. The seventh is experiencing the space time of it to whatever degree that we area able to ride the light to the correct frequency code. Pituitary glandular secretions are the window to the alchemical hormonal laboratory that has the most complex of the whole body. An enlightened observer’s preferred conscious; navigation of hyperspace dimensions directs the hormonal flow from the pituitary for set biochemistry (energy center variables of perception occur during non focus time affect the pituitary hormonal sequence so mindfulness is key excuse the pun.)

Thousand petaled lotus is a key of geometry access to very high level hyperspace to the point of zero equation where now navigated out of this physical realm and all the vibratory levels above it which is ASCENSION of the body not just the mind intellectualizing it; ascension of the whole body for the seventh energy center is built from the etheric reality that is made manifest as the triangular formations of the neurons through the higher brain center inclusive of the pituitary gland. Mirror neurons occur and it is of high importance to create fluid images as the 'self' the holy spirit the spiritual self the divine intelligence the God head; that is codex key accessing power held in the image drawn as the thousand petaled lotus in physical space time. As mathematics leads us into these realms mapped into the cortexes of physicists symbolic language of the codex for humanity who knows it uses the seventh energy centre geometries of interlocked triangles many that are used as consciousness to create something from the ascended state. At the godhead is zero point energy of unlimited potential; highly concentrated power of the divine and it's paradoxical or 'anti' matter product is our negative space or anti matter or body as the soul's biological matrix is held together by the force of inner gravitation where in contrast the zero point field is completely un anchored. An entity who teleports is un anchoring in order to move the heavy slow body through space time and that climb is necessary to blip all the way to the zero point field and back down passing through all the levels back down described in this paper anchoring them at the point of negative space. Such described experience is mapped in the brain as we pass through mirror neuron phase as the new 'I' higher consciousness entity conscious in the reticular formation that is the corrected and evolved 'great self' that may still smile, wear lipstick yet be that wild movable force of the super being who teleports and one day ascends. Obviously it is mapped in the reticular if the whole body is teleported and one day ascends. Biochemistry in such biological matrixes or bodies is electrically enhanced and there fore the understanding of the alchemist is imminent for substances such as gold are able to be processed at a higher electromagnetic 'reality' that adept masters have who are able to produce gold from the zero point field that is instant manifestation and therefore are able to metabolize it also in a unique biochemistry inclusive for such 'wealth' that is their genetic code.

All of the energy centers may be used while presenting in the level of the body and accessing the various frequency kingdoms. What they do that has never been described correctly is they process the information from the nervous system and brain firing moving through the inertia of the physical plane during focus on the variety of frequency levels that are hyperspace engaged and passing codex key information to the cells and DNA of the body appropriately through the simpler lower energy center areas to the highest brain areas and to allow for calibration of the body through the constant maneuvering hyperspace entity incarnated on Earth for the phenomenon that we are capable of with training especially.

A sacred geometry exists with some of the oldest symbols in the world representing stars and spheres which encompass what is called the flower of life symbol represented in nature by the baobab tree in the oldest ancient texts on the planet. Lotus flowers and other symbols also referenced the DNA geometry. One of the oldest Stellas (name identification of a royal) is the letter A made with two Egyptian lotuses and a line in the center then beside it is a baobab fruit on a stick with wood crossing it; that is the flower of life symbol if you draw a line with an X through it. Now go beyond the stella symbol and spider a spider web like shape around the center and then a circle touching the spider web and then another spider web shape above it and another circle touching the points of the spider web shape. Now examine the FOL symbol found anywhere in a book or on line (see mentorship group page where I have provided a link to the whole rotation of major geometric symbols around this topic). That is what the biological matrix is made of from all organs brain and nervous system from the basic zygote formation that then cell differentiates with all the sacred geometry in place. That is a basic sacred geometry teaching of life presented in many philosophies and theories world wide. Rotation in the brain of the hypercube and how it turns to the FOL symbol with the five, six and more pointed stars woven into the geometry rotated by the observer’s brain is naturally performed in cell division in order for you to be alive so it makes no sense if your slower brain does not comprehend what the observer is as healthy cell division. Therefore it makes no sense if your observer using the slower brain centers does not know the rotations consciously and works up to speeding them up using higher brain centers like the cerebellum as this culminates into healing hyper jump capability that is conscious and heals disease and other ailments instantly. When you are study studying there is the ability to command your God self or Creator to observe the rotations and it will if you are patient. Cocooning continues this process if you command your Creator to map in your brain’s cortexes the information to use as a launch reference point to faster brain processing. We command the Creator to do for us as the Creator and the training and unifying of the whole brain to serve that Creator is the result. Remember in advanced modules to command the Creator as the Creator to map in the unified brain the QMTtools learned.

A phenomenon I observed is a new photography of a fingerprint which was lighting up tiny filaments of light all around it coming forth from the central nervous system; hundreds of fiber optic like emanations. That is what high frequency use of the body amps up during BME Merkaba and healing work in the auric field. Our whole nervous system lights up and processes all these highways of light through it; very beautiful!


Merkaba brings on a greater and richer experience upon repeated review and realization of this material to be reviewed through all modules.

Study your own hormonal reality and see what you may adjust. Any ailments that you may have you are encouraged to research and to do an assessment of the data with the corresponding appropriate action to eradicate the condition through Merkaba. Remember; what is the healthy state of the organs or tissues compared to the current one? How does the physiology need to change in order to make it happen and what needs to change in your light calibration as taught?

Practitioners: Such work on yourselves is always the experience that allows you to view a client’s field with greater expertise. Assessment of conditions must always involve feedback from the client to have acceptance from the client for the information after an energetic session is performed. Notes must be taken by the client and homework given from your assessment of the energetic field, health issues discovered and action plan of focus away from the practitioner after the session is complete and you are discussing the results. Any condition that is serious ensure medical attention or alternative medical attention is suggested and medication is never to be interfered with by you; it is for the client to monitor healing and any changes are a sign to see the health care professional for re testing or feedback on dosages or other treatments.
A secret that has been hidden in religious art and prior given in ancient pre and dynastic Egyptian times was the flower of life sacred geometry symbol. To know what the lattice work of the biological matrix is that begins with the zygote and is repeated in all cell structures draw a cross and then two more lines through the sides of the cross creating an eight pointed line ‘star shape.’ Now draw a spider web shape around the center of the lines and then a circle around the lines connecting to the tips of the spider web shaped lines. Now draw above the circle another set of spider web shaped lines and another circle above the web points. You now must practice holographically viewing the symbol to reveal the flower of life within and see that is the biological matrix symbol of our genetic inheritance. You will see the vesica pices which is the intersection oval of two circles. If you cannot rotate the shape your rotational skills require attention and homework on hypercube and other rotations of shapes such as given in the notes. Flower of life symbols one of the earliest historically presented symbols used in ancient artifacts. In addition the pyramid shape is there also isn’t it? So you have both the circle and the lines that are all geometry. The even seals also emit light in the same geometric brilliance for the refractory prism is an example of how light moves through the geometries of the etheric that has coagulated the body. Sun shining through a pyramid corridor is the same geometry and has been depicted. Seven energy centers are etheric lotus like petal led organs that process light in a variety of frequencies as taught.

NOTE: The soul has this biological matrix as its house its temple and the paradox is does the soul feel? It knows feeling as the flow of the energy in the biological matrix of its neurology as hindering or liberating; opening to the pathways so the soul is very adept at knowing emotion as a part of its codex function of allow or to disallow the new experience to be had. 'Soul full' music is usually sound that opens the pathways of the neurology in the flow of consciousness of the entity listening. Soul is not emotion it reads the effects of emotion on the body's biological matrix of webs becoming it and that is the secret to how the codex functions. Alchemy at its core essence is the transmutation of the emotion of fear in order for the biological matrix to be formed in those quickening moments to experience the new and more advanced in being. A pure completely unhindered codex runs as the alchemists soul correctly; the Holy Spirit fully awakened and realized facilitates this quantum state.

RE: Ascended Masters: we are compressed carbon units so that is our shimmer tiny particulate diamond dust is a part of our biological matrix after ascension if we descend to become visible we glow and if we lift off we glow brighter and become 'transparent' like diamonds; the unseen so that is the hidden wealth within of the ascension gift. Like the sky studded with stars so we are forever as diamond shimmer entities wearing that garment and never dying again; the ultimate alchemy.

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