Most people are familiar with the term CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). You may think that energy medicine falls into those categories. It is that plus so much more. The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine defines Energy Medicine as that which “includes all energetic and informational interactions resulting from self-regulation or brought about through other energy linkages to mind and body.”

A new field of science is emerging called ‘psychoneuroimmunology’ or PNI. This means that what happens at the psychological level occurs simultaneously throughout the body and immune system and the reverse is also true. What happens in every cell of the body translates into thoughts and emotions. According to Candace Pert, a pioneer of this new field, “Your mind is in every cell of your body.” Learning about energy medicine and how to manage your health ‘well’ can be a positive turning point in how you view health and wellness.

Some of the therapies that have evolved into energy medicine are known as CAM therapies. These may seem quite different than the solutions and information that you receive in your doctor’s office. It can be very confusing because CAM is different in the sense that the focus of CAM isn’t symptom management or finding a cure. Rather the focus is on searching for the cause and, in the process of creating a healing environment, activating each person’s ‘inner healer.’ You have the opportunity to learn to empower yourself and then play the central role in your unique healing process. Healthy living and illness prevention are positive side effects.

Some CAM practitioners are known as acupuncturists, energy practitioners, massage therapists, bio energetic practitioners, intuitives, healing touch, and Reiki practitioners, just to name a few. There are many CAM practitioners in the valley.

When a person becomes an active participant in their energy system management and are truly committed to it, they give themselves an opportunity to experience fully what is going on at the level of the physical body in a whole new way, with new and constantly evolving meanings. This doesn’t mean an either/or when it comes to deciding upon your health care providers. Using both conventional and energy medicine means having a complete array from which to choose. It is important to find a level of comfort to understand when a doctor is needed or when energy medicine is needed (or both) to reestablish your physical and emotional balance.

Author's Bio: 

Stephanie is a world-wide published author, accomplished teacher and energy medicine expert.

She is currently the only energy medicine practitioner in the Colorado Roaring Fork Valley who had Dr. C. Norman Shealy as her adviser while earning a Doctorate of Theology (Th.D.) in Energy Medicine from Holos Graduate Seminary and her Ph.D. in Energy Medicine at Greenwich University.