While there are going to be plenty of people will know what a vampire is, it is unlikely that the same amount of people are going know what an energy vampire is. Yet, even though there is the chance that not many people will know about the latter, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t come across as least one during their time on this earth.

What this comes down to is that an energy vampire is not like a bird that is rarely seen; no, there are plenty of them on the planet. This doesn’t mean that they all wear the same clothes or all have the same colour hair, though.

A Big Difference

And although it can seem as though this is something that is black and white with there being some people who are energy vampires and some people who are not energy vampires, this is not the case. Ultimately, there is a strong chance that just about everyone has been an energy vampire at least once.

What will separate someone who isn’t an energy vampire and someone who is, then, will be the amount of time they experience life in this way. It is the difference between wearing a jacket from time to time and wearing one just about all the time.

Part of life

Just like most people wear a jacket from time to time, most people take energy from others. In healthy human interactions there is an exchange of energy, which means that each person both gives and receives energy.

When it comes to an energy vampire, however, they will take another person’s energy, giving no energy in return. The former can then go away feeling full, but the latter can go away feeling empty.

A Subtle Process

The person who feels drained can then find it hard to comprehend why they feel so washed out. This can show that the other person wasn’t verbally or even physically abusive and yet, it can feel as though the other person has done something to them.

On one level, the other person won’t have done anything to them, but on another level, they will have done something to them. During their time together, this person will have been taking their energy.

The Next Target

It won’t be long until the energy vampire looks for someone else to extract energy from and this is will result in another person having their energy sucked dry. What is clear is that the energy vampire is unable to source their own energy, with this being the reason why they are completely dependent on others for energy.

One way to look at someone like this would be to say that they are essentially a parasite. If they were able to source energy from within themselves, along with taking some energy from others, there would be no need for them to behave in this manner.

Totally Oblivious

It can be so normal for an energy vampire to extract energy from others that they might not even realise that they are doing it. This is then going to be something that takes place unconsciously.

The downside here is that if they are not aware of what they are doing, they won’t be able to understand why certain people avoid them. They can then end up forming a victim mentality, even though they are the ones who causing so much damage.

In A Dark Place

The big question here is why is it not possible for them to source energy from within? On the inside, someone like this can feel numb or even dead, with their inner world being anything but alive.

Furthermore, there could be times when they don’t feel dead inside but they feel overwhelmed with pain instead. Either way, they are going to be physically alive yet that will be about as far as it will go.

A Natural Outcome

Through being in such a low place internally, they will naturally gravitate to towards things in the external world that are alive. Taking energy from someone else is then going to allow them to lose touch with their inner deadness for a short while, but it won’t have a lasting impact on them.

The only way that their behaviour will change is if their inner world changes, thereby allowing them to source energy from within themselves. Not only will this take self-awareness, it will also take courage.

A Deeper Look

The reason why they are unable to connect to their own energy and are dead on the inside can be due to what took at the beginning of their life. Perhaps this was a time when they were abused and/or neglected.

This would have caused them to experience a lot of pain and estranged them from their true-self. Deep within their being there is energy, but the only way they will be able to connect to it is if they deal with the trauma that is within them.


The problem is that someone like this is unlikely to have even a small amount of self-knowledge and they might not be interested in gaining any. Their misery will continue and other people will continue to be targeted and used.

If they do have the desire to change their behaviour, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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