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Also covered: bone bruises, hairline cracks, hairline fractures

Recently I was climbing on a dumpster and fell off, a fall of about four feet. I was with a friend helping him maneuver a huge old mattress into then out of a dumpster. When I fell, I severely bruised my heel bone. I did not have enuf sense to put ice on it nor get Arnica on it. I guess I don't break bones often enuf to remember these home remedies. Ice on it right away helps. After a week It did not seem to be healing well so I brought this up in a session with one of my mentors in Medical Intuition, Sally Ostler. The things she did amounted to an energy healing protocol for broken bones so I am writing it up. This converges what Sally did and what I've learned.

To understand how Medical Intuitives view these things, it will help to back up a step. Any bone injury can stir up old negativity stored away in the bones, waiting to come out. Our physical body is like a down sleeping bag stuff-bag. All the negativity from prior times--the fluffy bag--gets stuffed and stuffed and stuffed, until it fits into the tiny bag--our body cells and tissues. So we sometimes have negativity that has been waiting to be released for a long time.

When the body suffers a bone injury, access to deeper unconscious levels is allowed and initiated. Our immune system says to itself, “Wow! I'm finally going to get some attention to deeply unresolved issues.” If you don't like that idea, maybe you'll accept that a bone injury “stirs up” “mud at the bottom of the pond” that has not moved for decades or longer.

The involvement of unresolved energetic disturbances explains the complications that often accompany bone injuries. The surfacing of unconscious memories towards he surface expalins these frequent complications; I believe, especially in hip, leg and foot bone injuries.

Negativity stored in the lower half of our body—unresolved issues—interferes with the healing process this way. Our immune system does not distinguish between healing the physical bone and clearing up unresolved issues stored away in the bones. To our immune system, they go together, are one. The conscious self would love to separate out healing the body from unresolved mental-emotional issues, but our immune system does not make this distinction. It lives more in Oneness than our rational mind.

Technique one is a musical analogy ~ Look for the shock of the trauma echoing anywhere in your whole body like a gong being struck and then reverberating for a long time. Look for “echoes” anywhere in the body after a bone injury anywhere in the body.

Technique two: Look for a mis-match of cellular and/or atomic structure. Sally likens this to a sheet of paper torn in half and when put back together, the two torn edges do not exactly match up. This can happen both anatomically; it can also happen cellularly and in the aura.

Technique three: Ask if injuries or accidents from prior existences are a factor now. It's common for unresolved issues around old war injuries to come up when the same or a nearby area is again “stimulated.” The present injury triggers memories of prior similar injuries.

Anything you have learned you can share?

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