Summer is an amazing time for your kids to be playing in the backyard on a nice trampoline. Better yet, add a be creative and add a basketball hoop so they can reach higher for the sky like Michael Jordan. Why not bring their imagination to life so they can dunk like Shaquille O’Neil? The fun-loving trampoline basketball hoop is a great invention where a basketball goal is attached to your outdoor trampoline. This is a wonderful gift for your kids, big or small, and will keep them entertained for many hours. This can lead to endless fun moments of video recording to capture some impressive slam basketbal moves.

As fun as a trampoline basketball hoop may seem, but information regarding its attachment will require some usefull knowledge. To make things easier, people would place a regular basketball hoop and a pole next to the trampoline. This type of setup proves to be very hazardous for some unlucky kids. Their impressive basketball skill can lead to a painful fall near the edge of the mat. Another risk was the hoop tipping over because It wasn't well attached to the trampoline. So the question is, how do we safely attach the basketball hoop to any trampoline?

There are trampoline basketball hoops that can attach to the pole located at the edge of the trampoline net enclosure or between two poles. This will prevent the slam dunk catastrophe where your kid ends up on the ground screaming in agony. This new strategy will bring the thrill back minus the painful injury. There are several manufacture brands that emphasize on safety for your trampoline basketball hoop. The Jump Slammer is a brand new product made from TrampolinePro. The basketball hoop is designed to fit on most outdoor trampolines, which makes it an excellent gift for kids who already owns a trampoline in their backyard. The great part about The Jump Slammer is that the offset bracketcan maintain the vertical shape of the hoop since some poles tend to have a curve. In addition, the breakaway rim is a very creative feature that can withstand any rough play your kids may try. Another great brand to consider is The JumpSports ElitePackage. This package contains both a basketball hoop, a backyard trampoline, and some instruction set up your new trampoline basketball hoop. It only makes sense, why waste your money to buy a separate trampoline and a basketball hoop, when you can purchase both at a reasonable and fair price? Visit GetTrampoline to read more about this great product.

The trampoline basketball hoop can be a fun toy for any kid, but it’s also important to read all safety tips. It’s very important to have adult supervision at all times to ensure that your kids are safe. It is highly advisable to purchase a trampoline with a safety enclosure that surrounds it. The basketball hoop can easily be attached to the safety net within the enclosed space. This will ultimately prevent the players from falling off the edge. Secondly, the trampoline skirt will prevent rambunctious kids from crawling under the trampoline during the game. The Trampoline Pad can help cover the spring to prevent any cuts and injuries on fingers. Before letting your kids play with the trampoline basketball hoop, it’s important to go over safety rules. After that, just let the kids enjoy hours of fun slam dunking on their new basketball hoop.

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