So here June is. The time of graduations and weddings. The time of endings and new beginnings. Endings can make us sad. We will need to say good bye to some people in our lives. We need to say good bye to places that we are used to. Good byes can be exciting because it means that we are starting a new chapter in our lives. For everyone graduating, say good bye to those friends and teachers that have accompanied you thus far. Send your appreciations for all of your experiences. And before you start that new chapter, take a minute to reflect back on where your journey has taken you thus far.
As you start that new beginning, whether that is a new school, a new job or a new marriage. Stop and take a moment to be thankful that you are allowed to take this next step. Take a moment to reflect about what this new step means to you. Take a moment to be aware of the people that are joining you on this next step on your journey.
Take the lessons that you have learned with you. You have learned some very valuable things up to this point. Do not ignore those lessons. You will need them! Be open to new lessons. You haven’t learned everything that you will need yet!
Be open to new adventures, to new experiences. There is much to know in this new chapter. And remember, always enjoy the journey. Congratulations to you all!

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Dr. G enjoys helping people find the right path to be on