It is sad to say that all things and happy times can reach to its final end. Thus, it is a challenge for you and for all of us in ending the relationship gracefully. Sometimes, the break up experience is a traumatic one for many, but you can change it if you want. So here are some key points for you in order to end the relationship rightly and properly.

Before saying "it's over", assure yourself that that what it says in your mind and heart. You really have to take note of it because once you speak about break ups or separation, there's no other way to unmention it.

Key #1: Tell the truth - Even if the truth hurts, you need to give it to your ex. If you have done wrong and you feel guilty about it and you want to end the relationship, you need to honestly tell him what went wrong. While telling a few lies may make breaking up seem easier, in the long run it will always come back to haunt you.

Key #2: Be calm, respectful and direct - If there's one thing you can be sure of, it's that emotions will be running high as soon as you broach the subject. Keep in mind that the proverbial ball is in your court. In short, it is on you whether you will lower or higher the tone. Remain calm, respectful and direct to make things go more smoothly, but...

Key #3: Expect the worst - You may picture your significant other getting mad and burning up all of your clothes on the front lawn, or you may envision them sitting motionless, stone-faced and distant. Whatever you imagine, I can guarantee one thing, it will not go the way you think it will. As such, you need to get your plans done and be sure that it's final.

Key #4: Watch out for manipulation - There is a greater chance that your future ex will do whatever it takes to make you stay. Bitterness and anger can happen when you feel you are becoming manipulated and stopped. Just be extra careful of understanding what really is going on in the relationship. For equality, you better make sure that you are not becoming manipulative in the relationship.

Key #5: Leave the past behind - This key is considered to be the most difficult to undergo. While you'll want to explain why you want to break up, don't bring up past faults that will lead to an argument. Well, you know each other very well that even each other's past mistakes you are expert on it, so it is at all illogical to bring it up during a sensitive issue. If you absolutely must bring it up to explain why you're leaving, do your best to stick to the facts of the behavior and not to personal attacks.

Ending a relationship gracefully is so hard to make it possible. Surely it needs so much time to plan and to implement to really make it happen, so do it now if you want the break up to be a graceful end than a horrible experience.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Second Chance Romance Review and the tips on How To Get Over Being Dumped.