Wow, we made it. The end of 2020… And, what a year it has been. Are you excited to close what some are calling the “lost year”? I actually refuse to look at it this way and choose instead to look at it as a Transition Year into our Best Self, Best Relationship and Best Life… To that end, we’ve been closing and letting go of 2020, and getting ready to properly set up 2021. Today we’ll do the last step in this process: End-of-year vision, strategy and intention…
It behooves us to shift our energy from the trauma, lack and frustration to one of joy, connection and abundance… For how we show up to our daily life is what we end up creating…
So, far we’ve:
• Created space for the new by decluttering to lay the groundwork (step1)
• Paved the way for the new by getting in the right frame of mind (step2)
Today, we’ll choose what we actually want to focus on and create in 2021… Woot!
We’ll create a vision, a strategy and an intention
~ The purpose of having a vision, a strategy and an intention is so that we don’t spin our wheels, run around like a chicken with its head cut off, or lean the ladder against the wrong wall…
~ The purpose of doing this exercise before the New Year is to set the tone for how to start the new year right and prevent the post holidays blahs and the winter blues…
~ The purpose of doing this is to take ownership of our own life and create what we desire vs banging around and hoping to hit it big.
By living a life by default you’ll never create what you desire and live the life you are meant to Live… Living an Intentional Life is the way to go…
I love creating the Vision... This is where the sky is the limit. Where we get to let loose. Where we dream our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (our BHAG!). Where we get in touch with our Purpose and create our Mission… Where we activate our Personal Prime Directive™ (PPD), and create purpose for our everyday life. Where we get the inspiration, the juice, the drive, the motivation… This is where we generate energy from within and we can be the energizer bunny…
Doing the legwork around our PPD is a foundational process for this step for it informs the overall Vision… And, so fun! Connecting with our purpose, values and virtues, and our brilliance is key to creating an Aligned Vision and then our Life Strategic Plan…
I love creating the Strategy… Don’t let the terms Aligned Vision and Life Strategic Plan scare you. Processes need a descriptive name, right? I outlined these to their simplest form in their corresponding blog posts linked above to make it really easy for you to do.
These are so simple, inspiring and motivational you’ll really miss out and shoot yourself on the foot if you don’t play with them… They are simple and easy to complete yet super powerful, a must have for every end-of-year and new year…
You can easily develop your strategy and seamlessly integrate it into your life with the Daily Routine and Habits protocols… Everything ties together for easy applicability and results. You no longer have to worry about not having goals, about not sticking with your new year’s resolutions and all of that…
I love creating the Intention… I have noticed that people defy and forego setting goals and new year’s resolutions for setting intentions… I love myself setting intentions and using Focus Terms any day (and, we all know new year’s resolutions don’t work). But not at the exclusion of having a blueprint, a strategy, a plan to Focus on and serve as our guiding North Star…
It has been well documented that people that set goals are more likely to achieve them and create what they set out to create than those that don’t. Why not allow yourself your best chance of creating the relationship and life you want? Because we are setting Intentions you are not off the hook from Visioning and Strategizing!
Setting Intentions is the softer side of this process that puts icing on your cake. That infuses it with love. That makes it easy to stay focused and working it, with ease and compassion for yourself… This is what makes the whole thing Pretty… Do set your Focus Intention, your Focus Term.
Now is the time to play at setting up next year for a smooth transition into the New Year, preventing the winter blues, and effortlessly staying on track on achieving your goals while enjoying your life…
ASSIGNMENT: It’s Play Time!

 Play at discovering your Personal Prime Directive
 Play at creating your Vision
 Play at establishing your Strategy
 Play at selecting your Intention
 Play at committing to create your best relationship and best life!
When you play with these ahead of the New Year and set yourself up with Direction, you’ll prevent starting the new year with angst, fear, uncertainty, ambivalence, lack of motivation, and such.
You’ll know exactly what to do. You’ll look forward to each day. You’ll stay the course. You’ll create your Best Self, Best Relationship and Best Life!
I hope you enjoyed this 3 Step End-of-Year Process version of our Holiday & Year-End Process™ (HYP).
However you choose to do your end-of-year, I hope it’s intentional so you are set up to start the next year right! This is your ticket to your amazing 2021!
Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Happy Starting!
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