For a chronic snorer, sleep time is not enough without the usual hoarse sound. Some people who always snore even sometimes use the snoring as a gauge to know whether they have indeed fallen asleep. This kind of person may awake in the middle of the night and ask his wife if she had heard him snoring, then nod off when told that yes, he did snore, because that reassures him that he had already slept somehow. Even if his wife would keep nagging him for one night of no snore sleep, he might shrug it off, not wanting to be bugged about it.

However, having a no snore sleep time is not really something that requires much effort. Technically, there are factors that can be altered in order to increase the chances of avoiding snoring. If you are the roommate of a snorer, you can share these principles in order to show them that it is not that complicated to try to curb snoring:

1. Alcohol intake affects snoring incidence. Unless you are dealing with a chronic alcoholic, this should be a simple factor to adjust. You can help your spouse by encouraging him to take drinks early in the night, such as during parties, and you can help keep him awake after he has taken too much to drink to make sure he does not fall asleep at a time when his throat muscles are most relaxed from the alcohol.

2. You can buy him a special pillow to prop up his neck. This can be an ordinary pillow, or you can buy one shaped like a U that is designed especially for propping up the neck. In order to encourage him to use it, you can pick a special occasion to give it to him, or at least wrap it in a pretty gift-wrapping to show how special it is.

3. If your partner is overweight, chances are, that is part of what is causing the problem. As such, it may help if you support him in losing weight. If he is not interested in losing weight, do not lose hope. If you do the cooking in the house, you can still pick yummy but low-fat recipes that he can enjoy without realizing that you have cut back a significant amount of fat from his daily diet. You can also stock up on low-calorie breakfast choices, such as whole-grain breads and cereals. In addition, you can ask him along on sports dates for activities you both enjoy, such as tennis, bowling, or swimming.

4. One more factor that helps a person avoid snoring is the sleep position he uses. This makes your role as a sleeping partner much more important. Start by encouraging him to sleep on his back. When he falls asleep and rolls over, though, you can help push him back to the back-lying position. Of course, this can happen only if you are still awake, or if you happened to awaken to the sounds of snoring. Of course, this would only be necessary if your partner refuses to use the U-shaped pillow to hold his neck in place.

Once you begin to see results from some efforts you put in giving your partner the gift of a no snore night, he will see that it is indeed possible to stay quiet during sleep time. That would in turn motivate him to cooperate with you, and in time, it will become almost second nature to him to follow the tips above. By that time, you will realize that your efforts are all worth it. After all, not only will he sleep more soundly from not snoring anymore, so will you!

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