I was asked the other day, "Kate, does personality prove novelty, frivolity, or common sense?"

The answer is: it depends on whether you use them correctly or not.

I highly recommend them for anyone who has a relationship of any kind: business, friends, family, etc. (so all of us)

Personality tests improve our perspective.

The best way to use the result of a personality test is by looking for strengths (to improve) and identifying weaknesses (to minimize or eliminate). When we have the results, we can see our natural tendencies at that particular moment in time to lean in certain directions with our personality. When we are under stress or major life changes (both good and bad), our way of responding to the world may not be the typical way that we interact with others.

Taking a test when life is fairly calm and regulated will give you an opportunity to see your natural tendencies. Some personality traits are innate. However, parts of the personality can be consciously cultivated over time. Personality can also be altered in a traumatic moment. The test results give us the opportunity to see where we are now, how we interact and what benefits can be obtained from that information.

What to do with the test results:

1) Look for opportunities to use your natural strengths.

If you're excellent with data and shy about people, think about moving to a division within your company where research is more important than direct customer contact.
If you are a knowledge seeker, help others research and get information on vacation ideas, background information, parenting techniques, etc.
Find opportunities daily to bless those around you.

2) Look for opportunities to correct weaknesses instead of continuing to inflict them on others unconsciously.

If you have a tendency to jealousy, relax and keep your tongue when your partner wants an innocent night with friends.
If you're inclined to be argumentative, again, back off and avoid any rebuttal until you've seriously considered your boss's point of view. See what you could learn right now instead of trying to show that it doesn't apply to you.
Check out the ways you can grow as a more rounded individual by working on your current tough spots.

What types are there?

There are many online and offline personality tests. One can do a local Google search to explore their options. Three that I like, have experience and recommend include:

Myers-Briggs Personality Tests: Based on Carl Jung's theories, but making us understandable to normal people - this test comes from the opinion that there are 4 main ways that people differ in thinking and interaction. These 4 areas can be combined for a total of 16 personality types.

The psycho-spiritual typology of the Enneagram: this test divides personalities into 9 general categories with the understanding that there are many possible subtypes and different distinctions.

Max Luscher's Color Test: (Warning: Although it's tempting, it is NOT a novel test, NEVER use it as such!) Dr. Luscher believed that colors have profound psycho-emotional responses when viewed. Depending on the 8-color ordering preference, a large amount of information about a person's current status can be provided.

Where can we get them?

Many coaches, therapists, pastors, counselors have access and certifications (when needed) to administer these tests. There are also online versions of these tests for quick general writing that can come in handy.

I recommend taking the exam with another person who will review it with you.

If you decide to go it alone and take a simplified version online, keep in mind when reading the results that you were just deciphering who you are and how you are most likely to respond at that point in time. Always use the results with a perspective of how you can better relate to other people.

If you want to talk more about some of these tests, do not hesitate to contact me.


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