There is the pain that pulls us toward loneliness and emptiness. And there are actions we must do to leave this negative feeling from our lives. If we can do it we will be able to live the life of happiness and joy.

Do you find yourself in a situation wherein you felt alone and abandoned? The feeling of being unworthy of love and attention makes your life lonely. No matter how you look for a patch for the emptiness you felt still the pang of loneliness pulls you down. You are in the middle of a crowded party but your heart is empty and you felt alone from the throngs of people. How does one cure such emptiness and loneliness?

Start from within
You live your life the way you want it to happen. If you have the pain of the past and it haunts you like a ghost, try to forgive what happened. Oftentimes the memory of childhood sadness is difficult to explain why it still pulls your current life into the same situation. In order for the past to remain in the past, forgive the people that caused you pain. If it was your parents who caused disappointment and sadness to your life, forgive them. If it was about the guilt you had forgive yourself. No one can forgive yourself the way you do. You can’t move on if the past pulls you down. Start by leaving everything behind because you can’t be completely happy if you drag sad memories with you. It’s an excess baggage of your life that is not necessary for your journey.

Move on and be happy—you deserve it more than anyone
The successful people in our society are those whose past lives were full of pain but they manage to move on and learn from it. Your past is your learning point, your present defines who would you like to become. And if you want to live life like the rest of the people who are happy and carefree you can do so. Moving on from pain is difficult but if you just keep on trying you will have your time also. Happiness is the feeling of elation and full of love and joy within. If you want that to happen in your life, empty your heart from pain and fill it with happy memories. If you want to start now, you can take the first step of pitching the hole with love. Think of hobbies or talent you want to develop. If you think you will be happy with arts, practice it. If you tried and still it does not help, move on again with other activities. There so many things you can do and life is full of so many things to offer to make you happy. It’s waiting for you and don’t wait for anything to begin your moves.

Love yourself
If you wanted love to happen in your life, you can find one to fill your life but you must fill yourself first. It’s like this—if you have one half empty glass of water and offer it to someone you have nothing left for yourself. You can only offer a water of love if you are full of it. Because if you are in a relationship no matter how you please someone to love you back you can’t expect that person to fill everything for you. That person is looking for someone also like the way you do. And if you are both half empty and offer yourselves to each other, the possibility would be not enough for each other. Start filling your life first with things you like and love to do. Begin by journeying the life you like and will make you happy. In this way you can be ready to share your overwhelming love and happiness.

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Emptiness and loneliness are partners of negative feelings we have. If we let this two words dominate our lives we can never live the fulfilling life we want. Do not let that happen to you because life is too short and when realize that we have not done anything to return the favor of life that gave us we will never have a fulfilling life.