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Rod Kelly is board certified by the National Guild of Hypnosis. He has an impressive record of success with most of his clients that were experiencing a wide range of issues. However he focuses a great deal of his energies in Medical Hypnosis. He became proficient in teaching his clients how to increase their own healing abilities. Through heightened healing systems many of Rod’s clients have increased their responsiveness to medical treatment and medications.

Over the past 10 years Rod has developed a system of treatment that is a blend of hypnosis, metaphysics and Spiritual Laws that have enabled my clients to increase their own natural healing system. When one’s healing systems are heightened they naturally become much more receptive to medical treatments and medications as well as energy treatments.

Rod Kelly's system of treatment is based on a four segment process. The process is:

1. The first segment deals with “Self-Esteem”. He has found that low self-esteem is a commonality that is present with most of the clients that have come to me over the years.
2. Second segment deals with the clients’ ability to visualize themselves as being healthy. It is difficult to become something that you can actively imagine. Hypnosis is extremely effective in accomplishing this.
3. Next teaches the clients Posture and Breathing techniques. These are perhaps two of the most overlooked aspects of one’s health. Rod provides an in-depth understanding of how these two elements interplays with one’s health.
4. Finally he teach the clients how to draw from, and direct the Universal Healing Energies in the client’s own body. The combination of focusing their thoughts and this wondrous energy on the exact area of concern greatly enhances healing.

These four segments are accomplished in only three treatments within 21 days. Rod also require the client to commit to a 21 day regiment of visualizations as well as posture and breathing exercises. Whatever one does consistently for 21 days tends to become habit. His goal is to have each of his clients develop habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives, and in most cases this becomes a reality. When a client increases their own healing systems they naturally become much more responsive to medical treatments as well as medications, and their levels of self-esteem naturally increase.

Rod Kelly is currently available for lectures and workshops as well as individual treatments that focus on teaching clients how to increase their levels of “Self-Empowerment”

Author's Bio: 

A summary of Rod Kelly’s history as a hypnosis and wellness coach is as follows:

• Initially Rod became interested in the healing arts due to a lengthy history of personal medical conditions that were not addressable by the established medical profession.
• Subsequently he moved to Northern Ontario and lived on a Native Reservation and became a student of a James Bay Cree Elder, who introduced him to the healing arts through Spirituality.
• After mastering many healing techniques on himself, he soon established Eye of the Eagle Retreat & Wellness Centre where he began teaching other how to increase their own body’s healing systems. For nearly a decade he successfully worked with clients from Canada, U.S.& Europe.
• He became interested in hypnosis as an adjunct to his methodology of healing to perpetuate the longevity of the client’s newly heightened levels of wellness.
• Last year he relocated back to his home state of Connecticut, where he opened his practice in Torrington.
• Rod Kelly a member of the integrative medicine group, Lotus. This group seeks to learn and review data about integrative medicine and to increase the dialogue between allopathic trained professionals and practitioners of complimentary healing practices for the benefit of patients.
• Rod is the author of several book including “The Empowerment of Self-Healing” He also has an extensive library of hypnosis CD’s that deal with a wide range of medical and emotional issues.
• Rod Kelly is currently available for lectures and workshops as well as individual treatments that focus on teaching clients how to increase their levels of “Self-Empowerment”