The sales manager is the sales rep’s direct line of communication between himself and his performance. If this line is cut, if the sales manager is somewhat incompetent or won’t do his job properly, then the company has a problem. One of the most important factors that could influence a sales rep’s growth in his career is the sales manager’s ability to do his job well.

A top sales manager does this job by providing specific behavioral feedback. It is by no means an easy task. Each sales rep has his or her own set of behaviors he or she brings on the job. The top sales manager should be able to analyze these behaviors based on reports and turn them into feedback in a way that would inspire growth and positive change from the sales rep.

One way to pull this off is to develop a shared vision—between the sales manager and sales rep—of the expectations and style of coaching the sales rep needs to improve his or her game. For example, during pre-call planning, a top sales manager could use this opportunity to take notes of information as well as his own observations to be used as feedback later on.

Sales management is a tough job, sure, but who ever said otherwise? If anything, it’s one of the most emotionally gratifying jobs in the world, knowing you did what you could to help someone get better in his or her career.

Speaking of helping people, a top sales manager recognizes the power behind giving positive behavioral feedback. Confident sales persons produce better results, period. Top sales managers know this, and adjust their strategies accordingly. Underperformers might even change and start making consistent sales, while average sales reps, under the right encouragement, could grow to become sales superstars someday!

Who knows? Anything is possible with the right guidance of a top sales manager who knows what he’s doing.

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Ralph Burns, a consistently top-performing sales manager with over 20 years of sales and sales management experience.

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