Human resource empowerment is not a new concept. Thousands of personal development coaches have presented various theories about how workplace resources need to be empowered. Employees are the strongest resource for every enterprise and it is important to work on their professional and personal development to ensure that they are able to work up to their true potential. Empowering employees is a good practice because it enables the employees to work towards achieving company’s goals and targets. Here are some ideas on how you can empower your team for maximum productivity:

1. Appreciate Employees: You can build self-confidence of your employees easily by praising them over their performance. This will encourage them to work efficiently in future projects as well. They will feel rewarded over their strengths. Give them opportunities to exercise their ideas creatively. They will learn to work independently and imbibe leadership qualities.

2. Define Definite Roles: Nothing is more weakening for employees than indefinite job roles. Each employee needs to understand his responsibilities and roles in the company so that he is able to perform better. Stepping into other people’s spaces and tasks can create instability. The employees will perform better when they performing in their definite roles towards companies goals. If there is confusion about job roles there will certainly be poor performance.

3. Make them accountable: People are more competitive when they are made accountable. If they do not understand that they will be expected for work and will be questioned for performance they will not perform well. Empowerment requires maintaining accountability in every company.

4. Encourage Servant Leadership: Servant leadership is about working to serve for general good. When the employees are encouraged into servant leadership
they form better work habits and motivation level for good performance than in traditional leadership roles.

5. Support Open Communication: There has to be clear top-down communication practices from the management level otherwise the employees will not be empowered. If there is insufficient communication employees lose track, are not conscious of performance measurement scales and they lose connection with management only to perform less efficiently. It is advisable to reward employee input at every step. The more the employees communicate with management the better will be performance efficacy.

6. Appreciate self-improvement: Not everyone’s performance is equally good and not all employees perform to management’s satisfaction. However, when an employee shows self-improvement it is good to praise him. Rewarding self-improvement with appreciation letters and bonuses will really boost self-esteem and motivation of an employee and he will work better.
Productive work environment is not easier to create and sustain. Management needs to work strategically with employees to ensure that work place productivity is enhanced and employees are empowered in a healthy environment. Empowering employees is beneficial for the company as it will make people work hard and perform well. They will carry a healthy attitude with them even when they quit jobs. While they are on job, they will surely perform productively to the company’s benefit.

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