The employment verification process is based on employers’ review of documents presented by new employees to prove their identity and work eligibility. However recent studies have shown that document fraud (use of counterfeit documents) and identity fraud (fraudulent use of valid documents or information belonging to others) have made it difficult for employers who wants to comply with the employment verification process to hire only authorized, suitable and literate employees. And the most contraceptive issue is that it’s allowing unscrupulous employers to knowingly hire unauthorized and bogus documented employees.

The opportunity for employment is one of the most important magnets attracting illegal immigrants to come to lucrative destinations like America, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East Asia, South East Asia etc. Immigration experts state that strategies to deter illegal immigration require both a reliable employment eligibility verification process and a workplace enforcement capacity to ensure that employers must comply with immigration-related employment laws.

Recent Developments and Legal Attributions in Employment Verification Process:

Reading through Economic Times, there are approximately 65 million job seekers only in United States who possess criminal records. And according to US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, increasing effects of socio-digital developments caused the employment verification background checks to soar.

Chicago Tribune also mentioned that court gives EEOC broad latitude in bringing bias suits, as the agency was immensely concerned that the proliferation of background checks by the growing, multi-billion-dollar industry that conducts them, have a higher probability of error that could ruin job prospects for many applicant that include minorities as well.

Challenging Time has arrived for Employment Verification Industry – What is the Solution?

As the litigation and lawsuit concerns are building pressure on the background screening and employment verification industry. There is a darn need that employers look for the background screening companies, which are performing employment verification via primary source verification process.

Primary source verification is the best method to perform employees’ verification. It’s the original source of a specific credential that verifies the accuracy of a qualification reported by job applicant. Primary source verification process obtains information directly from the originating source. So it diminishes all the error constraints.

Primary Source Employment Verification System Sounds Lazy – Is it really?

As primary source employment verification system, seems to be a slow process because it deals with manual processing, like contacting the original source, collecting data from different destinations. But the fact is that, today technology has enabled to build a faster primary source verification system based on web 2.0 technology. Background Check 365 is the one I have recently researched upon, and this type of system can actually creates an opportunity to authenticate the employment verification process by saving great amount of time, effort, and mobility costs. Automated primary source online employees verification system is the need of time. And it has the immense potential to reduce all the biasness and injustice from the employee verification process.

Benefits of Automated Online Primary Source Employment Verification:

1. A more qualified workforce equals best employees.

2. Reduced turnover, increased workforce productivity.

3. Better workplace safety, no criminals to enter premises.

4. Decreased employer liability & litigation/lawsuit threats.

5. Reduced absenteeism

6. Competitiveness and Passionate employees.

7. Increased brand value and Reputation.

8. Risk redemption up to zero mark.

9. Time loss equals money loss, but not anymore.

10. And off course profit boost.

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Muhammad Saad Khan is a Writer, Social Media and Business Management Thought Leader. His current research is about employment verification process and how it’s extremely helpful in minimizing overseas employment risk from an organization. He is a brand ambassador of RiskDiscovered.