Canada is a nation of diversified population. Over the years, it has been preferred bythe immigrants of all possible countries. They prefer coming to Canada to pursue higher studies so that they can fetch a well -paid job after completing the course.

Internationally, Canada is known for the “easy availability” of jobs and for the capacity to accommodate any job seeker with any kid of need and qualification.

However, there is a debate about the availability of jobs in Canada. The jobs are looking insufficient for the Canadian Nationals hence raising a doubt on accommodating the immigrants.
The History

An insight into the history of Canada shows that the average unemployment rate in Canada has been 8.48% which was all time high in December, 1982 at 13%. The rate was at all-time low in September, 2007 at 5.9%.

Recent Crisis

In May this year, a little more than 7,500 jobs were created in Canada whereas the labor force showed a double growth in compared to the vacancy created. This leaves about half of the labor force without any job putting a question mark on their survival too. There is neither deterioration nor an improvement in previous year’s employment rate of 7.3% which speaks volumes about the “stagnant economy” of the nation.

Changing Trends

Looking at the crisis, most of the Canadians are developing a bent of mind to start their own business rather than waiting for jobs to get created. The encouraging figure of 23,000 jobs in self-employment shows that people are combating the crisis in their own efficient way. Part time jobs have also been preferred by more than 7, 000, 0000 Canadians to fight back the crisis.

Swing in Provinces

Ontariohas lost about 20,000 jobs last month and whereas the number of job vacancies have appreciated in Provinces like Quebec and Alberta, both showing a growth of 15,000 and 10,000 jobs respectively.

Preferred Sector

Manufacturing jobs are preferred by people of Canada. Inspite of 60,000 job creation in this sector we are falling short of 130,000 manufacturing jobs. Yet, manufacturing sector shows a better mood than the other sectors. The service sector is the biggest loser.

Overall picture

Our nation shows about 14.3% of unemployment rate amongst the youth. Many of the labors are dropping out of the market due to non-availability of job. During recession we witnessed the loss of more than 400,000 jobs against which about 750,000 jobs were created. Along with the passing time the labor force has also grown leaving the job creation an insufficient one.
A recent survey shows, for every 1 vacancy in our nation we have 6 unemployed workers which is surely an issue to raise the alarm.

It is time for us to introspect and look for ways to create more and more job vacancies for our own citizens and also for the immigrants who visit our country with great hope and respect. The survival needs of all staying in Canada has to be served, if not the hope to get a good job is met.

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