What is Employment Background Verification?
A background check is a process a person or an organization uses to verify an applicant who they claim to be by their statements or submitted resume. Background checks provide an opportunity for someone to check a person's criminal record, education, employment history, and other past activities in order to confirm their validity.

Employment Background Verification is a process of investigating employee background records and proving an employee’s relationship with an employer in terms of other specific details mentioned in their resume, payslips, or signed agreements. However, many requests require a formal confirmation from current or past employers, so employees often pass the related requests on to their concerned employers.

Employee screening and background check is an important process to follow by every recruiter before selecting any candidate for sensitive job position. Usually, every applicant tries to represent best in their resume to grab the job and pretend to show that everything is aligned as required. Information on any subject is more accessible than ever, yet it's often difficult to verify what is true and what is not.

Making the right call is especially important when it comes to hiring new employees. During the job recruitment process, Employers must thoroughly check out background history of candidates and verify their claims to be sure they are hiring the right person for company

To hire a right employee for a job, recruiters need to put their own efforts or hire Employee Background Verification Company to know the authenticated information about hired employee.

DEWII as a Risk Mitigation company helps many companies and small business hire great talent. Uses AI based advanced technologies to conduct a wide range of screening program, including criminal history, reference checks, and employee educational degree verification.

Hiring person for more sensitive positions, such as a manager role, recruiter might carry an even more thorough investigation. Each approach has different levels of investigation and comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses for verifying candidates' claims.

One important step of Screening Program for Criminal record check of job applicant or existing employees in company is mandatory to take. There are many verification programs which are conducted by verification companies to verify candidates' past information to the best of their ability.
Usually many companies try to follow the DIY verification process, where the employer or recruiter screens the job candidate by contacting given references to verify employment history, taking-off through databases to verify educational degrees credentials, comparing resumes with LinkedIn profiles and checking social media presence as well.
Benefits of Employment Background Verification Services
1. Ensures Security
DEWII as a risk mitigation company provides background verification services to ensure security. Company can get all the vital employee history, required for official purposes using a reliable screening program.

2. Speedup Responses
Any organization doesn’t want to wait weeks to give a decision Yes or No to a candidate. The best employment screening services provides data-related records within a week, and drug tests can take time ranges from a day for negative results to a week for more positive results.

3. Quick Legal Responses
To increase safety and legal compliance, many providers can comb through county and state driving records, social security numbers, and county-level criminal records.
Data sharing across state and international borders is subject to regulatory compliance to ensure privacy and security. Understanding the legal standards of particular industry and region make sure the screening service that anybody choose those standards.

4. Previous Employment History
Every business obviously wants accurate, up-to-date information that matches the person you’re recruiting. Companies that have access to local, national, and international databases will provide the best information.

5. Authentic Salary Records
By pre-screening employees program, we discover pertinent information related with incurred remuneration by last companies that collaborates or disapproves the data they’ve listed on their application.

6. Reliable Educational Degree

Fake records related with Real Educational degrees can also be revealed with Verification process. For best results, employers should consider partnering with a reliable background screening vendor. Number of Employee Verification companies in Delhi and other metro cities are available to screen candidates, usually for a per-candidate fee, and provide background check reports for the employer's review.

7. Driving Records
Driving records, registered vehicle number, social security numbers and other valuable information can be revealed with Employee Background Verification Companies.

Employee capabilities can be customized according to the requirements of an organization and it may deliver fruitful results also in future rather loss of legal property or any fraud.

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