Employees provide value to a business. Not only are they important to make the business run smoothly, but they are also crucial in devising changes to business plan and strategies. However, using employees is a commitment for the long run. They need to be kept on the payroll, provided with benefits from time and time while making sure that they remain productive and work up to the expectations of the business. Keeping them on the payroll doesn’t have to be a struggle. One business owner who owned a construction company had to work two jobs outside his schedule in order to pay his employees regularly. You don’t have to go to this extreme level. On the other hand, you don’t need to fire the employees at every upturn or downturn of the economy either.

Employees need to be hired based on their experience, skills and education level. Of course, you want the best people working for you. This can be challenging at times, especially when the business is just starting out. You may not afford to offer the best remuneration package like big corporations do. But there is always something valuable to offer, such as an opportunity to learn more, become involved in the business and take pride while performing to the best of their abilities. More often than not, people want to become more experienced in their field. For them, money comes next. They appreciate the responsibility that has been delegated and like to head a team. Some are looking to brush up their skills, maybe gain confidence for their next ultimate job.

Whatever the reason, finding the right employee shouldn’t be a Herculean task. If it is, then there are other options to explore. For example, employees don’t have to be in a full time position. You will be able to find those who are willing to work as per your schedules for the price you are paying. For instance, if an accountant is required for a job that would take 2 to 3 hours a day, you will need someone who is a part-timer. Often, you will find an experienced retiree who may be willing to work for shorter hours according to your requirements.

Independent contractors are another source to turn to for your business needs. They are mostly self employed specialized in the field that you are seeking service for. Depending on their availability and working environment, they can come to your business or get the job done at their location. The challenge however in this type of hiring is that you need to make clear of what needs to be done and specify the deadline. The terms and agreements for the task needs to be in place signed by both the parties. For instance, how are you going to pay the contractor – hourly, weekly or monthly basis? What other benefits are included? When will the project conclude? These are the things to figure out before handing over the task package. While the temporary workers and contractors aren’t your employees, you may still have to supervise their work from time to time.

Knowing your customer is another aspect of growing your business. Your employees – both permanent and temporary workers – need to get acquainted with customers that are best for the business. Usually, this is a mere two way process – sell and make money. However, if yours is a business that has the potential to receive sizeable invoices, worth thousands of dollars at once, then drawing the attention of these customers to the business product or service is a must. Just like banks and financing institutions look for the best prospective borrowers, the task of your employees is to attract potential customers (customer engagement)and offer the best possible service available. The easier the employees can make the process of buying, the more assured you can be of them returning. There are several ways to save time and cost during this process. Employees being technologically inclined helps. Employees can make informed decision about product and service price. Obviously, price cannot be set in vacuum. It is determined after considering factors such as demand, uniqueness, competitor’s price and the like. Your employees are the key to set this price. They know the market well because they deal with your customers directly.

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