Profits in a company are something which every company management aims to achieve. This success however not just depends upon the output but on a couple of factors which are all in a way responsible for achieving the bigger goal of getting profits for the company. The biggest resource that a company can be proud of is the human resource of the company and the company has to make efforts to keep this resource with them for a long period of time. The Company’s management in consultation with their Human resource department has to formulate policies that will be suitable for the employees. Hence Industrial relations strategies need to be formulated with the aim to maintain harmony in the company. The strategies need to be such which should keep the comfort level and happiness of the employee in mind and at the same time should be maintaining professionalism in the company. Further, the Industrial relations strategies should be such that they act as catalysts in avoiding strikes, drop in productivity and above all avoid attrition which should be their top priority. Also, at times there is a requirement of taking strict actions regarding maintaining discipline in the company, the company policies should be tweaked at such times for the benefit of the company.

In a company mutual trust between the management and the employees is the key to its success. It is vital to understand that every relationship is symbiotic and similarly this employee management relationship proves very critical in industrial relations strategies. If the employee is happy he will definitely give his more than 100% towards the organization. To further enforce the management employee relation, companies should undertake trainings for their employees so that it builds up their confidence and they feel more a part of the company. Also it’s a morale booster for the employees as they feel freshness in their mundane routine. Further, the heads of departments need to be given some behavioral training, language refine ness classes , basically training on how to politely deal with employees so that they are not rude and a cohesive atmosphere is maintained in the company.

Well, off late a step to further enhance good relations between the employee and employer the concept of collective bargaining has come in. The employee organizations and employer sit across the table and formulate combined terms and conditions of working and work on the facilities that will be given to the employee. It basically makes things crystal clear between both the parties and gives a chance to the employee to put across their points during the drafting of the rules.

Employee participation is one of the most effective and peaceful ways towards implementing industrial relations strategies. To accentuate employee participation, collective bargaining is the best means where they can settle their issues with the management where the management also gives a sound hearing to their points. This gives the management also an overview to the employee issues and they always stand guard on these points in future as well. This is the most democratic way where both the employee and employer have a say and have best coexistence.

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Hugh Secord is a senior Human Resources Management executive. with a depth of expertise in the fields of Labour Relations and Human Resource Management. Hugh’s thirty years of experience cover a diverse range of organizational settings in virtually every economic sector. He held several Chief Human Resources Officer positions before entering the consulting field in 2005.