“How to Set Ourselves Free From Pain and Suffering”

Whenever we have some kind of emotional event take place… those emotions if not worked through starts a change in our body. This is science now not metaphysics.

Take, for instance, a single atom, that atom has a singular vibration that is well known to science. And when we have some kind of emotional turmoil changes the vibration of the atoms.

Not only that, but all the atoms of that group start to vibrate differently and all the molecules of that particular organ start to vibrate differently. And that emotional change will stay in those atoms until it is work through… and those emotions are touched, felt, and accepted and set free.

If not, those emotional vibrations in those atoms set up a frequency that also holds onto toxins from the environment which also helps to create disease.

Have you ever met someone who’s always angry and they end up coming down with some kind of disease? I have many times. This is not uncommon, we had a person we knew who lost a daughter and she was angry and sad and was not willing to let her sadness and grief go for over 20 years. And because of that, she came down with cancer… and beat her cancer once… but the second time she died of cancer.

Medications don’t heal emotions, not even herbs or supplements, we have to work through our emotional challenges or they will bubble over into our body.

It’s kind of like having a cup and adding more and more water and eventually, it all spills over. That spillage is the overflow that the body can’t handle… and thus disease takes over.

Perhaps you know someone who has constant outbreaks of sadness, anger, has emotional turmoil inside and has lots of migraines, headaches, and endless symptoms of all kinds… that never ends.

Our mind is amazing, we can see something and it makes us happy, or sad, or glad, or excited. But our mind doesn’t know the difference between something we visualize in our head or in the world… such as being sad that our girlfriend broke up with us 2 years ago, or that we got divorced 1 ago, or we lost a loved one 4 years ago. Our mind recreates those same images and creates the same emotional outflow of vibration. It doesn’t matter if those images are created within our mind or outside in the world… our mind sees all of this as the same thing… and creates feelings accordingly.

If we don’t feel our feelings those feelings become trapped in our body and start dis-ease. Be it a stiff neck, aches, and pains all over, headaches, migraines, skin disease, arthritis, cancer, or any number of different symptoms that are endless with endless diseases.

In fact, if we hold tension in one spot for a while our collagen starts to become rigid in that area because of the overstimulation by that vibration. And thus we have a hard time moving and have pain.

And right now I see so many people who have NOT felt their feelings… and have feelings trapped in their bodies. It’s an epidemic that is out of control.

Feelings were meant to be felt and allowed to disappear… that is the normal course of getting rid of feelings. Feel them and allow yourself to be set free… even all those feelings from long ago… dig a little deeper and feel those feelings and find freedom.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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