Not every part of a human being develops at the same rate, and this is to be expected. If one was to look at nature and see how a tree grows, they will soon see that the branches are not all the same length. Some are longer than others and at the same time, it hasn’t affected the tree. It is still strong and the shorter branches are not causing any problems to the rest of the tree.

There are going to be differences when it comes to someone’s physical, emotional and intellectual development. This is because each one doesn’t grow at the same rate or in the same way. And if one is primarily focused on one area, it is only natural that another part of them is going to end up being neglected and will stay stuck at a certain level and even start get worse as time goes by.

But while differences in each of these areas of development is normal, if the differences are to extreme, there is the chance that one going to suffer in one way or another.

Physical Development

Ones mental and emotional development could have reached a certain level and yet their physical development may pale in comparison. But just because someone’s body is not sculpted in a certain way or one is able to run a Marathon, it doesn’t mean that they are therefore going to feel or live a life that is out of balance

They might not have the appearance of someone who works out or who does a lot of exercise and yet, their body can still operate as they need it to and not cause them any problems.

Intellectual Development

So it is clear that if one’s body is suffering they are going to suffer, but this doesn’t mean that one needs to have the body or a Greek god or goddess to live well. Having a certain level of intellectual development is going to be important, but as to how important it is, will all depend on what one does in life or what they want to achieve.

Not everyone is going to need to have the same intellectual development as Einstein for instance. It is unlikely that everyone would be able to attain that level and as everyone doesn’t need to, it doesn’t matter.

But having a certain level of intellectual development is going to mean that one has the ability to think in ways that enable them to move forward in life, to rise above challenges and to make better decisions, amongst other things.

Emotional Development

However, just because someone has developed their intellect to a certain level, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be happy or that their relationships are going to thrive. In fact, someone can end up developing their intellect due to experiencing emotional challenges.

A superior intellect can then be a sign that one is suffering emotionally and the only reason they have placed their attention on their mind in order to avoid emotional pain. This is not always the case though; as some people can be developed in both areas.

Ones level of emotional development is going to define how happy they are, how complete they feel and how fulfilling their relationships are. And this is not going to depend on their physical shape or how intelligent they are.

The Missing Part

There are plenty of people who are either in great shape physically or who are extremely intelligent or both, and yet they are still unable to enjoy life. If one feels down or emotionally empty it might motivate them to achieve things, but it they feel the same they, they are unlikely to be able to enjoy what they achievement.

The feeling that something is missing is still going to be there, regardless of what their body looks like or how intelligent they are. So as ones emotional development is so important and impacts everything other part of who they are, it can be hard to understand why it is often overlooked.

A Closer Look

If one wants to develop themselves physically, they can lift weights, go for a run or do whatever else they choose to take part in and their body will begin to change. This is usually part of the education system. And before then, one probably ran around as a child and started to experience the joys of movement.


The physical body needs exercise to develop, if it is not given this, one won’t develop physically. To intellect is also going to need another kind of stimulus to grow and this can include such things as: reading books, being given the chance to ask questions, learning new things and having the freedom of thought for example.


This is something that can be encouraged from a young and will then be experienced when one is educated by the education system. And if one chooses or is able to, they can carry on learning through going to university or through their own initiative.

When one is not given what they need or doesn’t engage their intellect, this part of them is not going to grow. They will stay at a certain level of development and through time, they will start to regress.


Ideally, one would have received the kind of nurturing they needed whilst growing up to develop emotionally and this can then set them up for life. If this was not the case when one was growing up, there is the chance that it won’t happen at all. That is unless one decides to take matters into their own hands and re-parents themselves.

For if one doesn’t give themselves what they need to emotionally grow up as an adult, it is not something that is just going to happen. And this is unlikely to be something that takes place during ones time in mainstream education; as emotions are generally overlooked in today’s world.

Emotionally Undeveloped

Touch plays an important role in a human beings emotional development and it is therefore vital that one is touched from the moment they are born. When this is from a place of love, and one is touched in the right way and at the right times, it will allow them to receive what they need in order for this part of them to grow.

This development will then continue as a result being touched and affirmed in the right way. If one was not touched and affirmed by their caregiver/s as a baby and as time passed, there is the chance that they will end up being emotional undeveloped as an adult.


Now, just because someone didn’t receive this growing up and is therefore emotional undeveloped because of it, it doesn’t mean they have to stay this way. What it can mean is that they will need to receive the loving touch that they didn’t receive all those years ago and to be affirmed as an adult.

The reason someone is emotionally undeveloped is not because there is something wrong with them, it is because they didn’t receive what they needed. This is something that can be provided by a therapist or a healer.

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