What does this mean anyways?

Being completely authentic, being you, not holding back, speaking truthfully. I warn you, the truth hurts, sometimes. It is one of the greatest healing tools around.

Emotional Courage is going towards your dream, with confidence, energy, love and enthusiasm, from the Greek root meaning (God within).

Is it hard being you? Of course it is. Is it worth it? Of course it's worth it! We run our lives on emotions, don't kid yourself, I go thru this also. I am human, and I am always trying to pass on, how to use emotional courage to advance to the next level. Without emotions, I don't think we would be alive.

Imagine, what a peaceful feeling inside you, just simply being authentic. Insight for people who let others dictate their futures; do not worry about other peoples re-action, when you are truthful, you hurt no one. It might be an intense wake up call, but that does not belong to you.

Remember, if you say it with LOVE, why worry, you are not intentionally wanting to hurt the other person, you just want to tell them what's on your mind, right...so say it with love, and watch the healing start. We are the teachers of this world, and who else is going to teach others, on how to encourage.

How many of you, want to advance towards your dream job, tell someone you love them, do public speaking...have great intimacy with your spouse or scared to tell a boss, that something about them bothers you. What about sharing something with your Mom, Dad, sister, brother, and cannot find the emotional courage.

I invite you, to find the emotional courage deep inside of you. It is their... I guarantee it! Dig deep, read a book, get coaching, and get educated on it. It will change you life, and will propel you to become the real you. In essence, when you become truthful, alignment starts towards, why you are here on earth? The fewer the obstacles, simply means, clarity, and quality thinking!

If your hearts beats fast before you tell that someone you’re hurt, you’re worried; you love them, that ‘s exactly what needs to happen.

Once, you accomplish this event, you will automatically start moving towards you DESTINY, YOUR PASSION, and you will never go back to the same old habits.

You see, once you succeed in doing this, even once, you will then find the emotional courage to move on. I call this (KNOWING), it is irreversible.

Dare to be you, before it is too late, find the courage.

First, WE must ALL ENCOURAGE, only then, we will all grow together.

QUOTE: Henry David Thoreau, 1840’s


Author's Bio: 

Roger N. Quevillon, M.Msc.


Roger is a recovered alcoholic, and drug abuse, but has long since won that battle, decades ago. His story is so similar to Tony Robbins, living in a 400 square foot bachelor suite, recently divorced, lost, and confused, it’s almost bizarre. He met Anthony Robbins in 1992, at a workshop in Calgary Alberta, bought Tony’s 30 day personal power program, and lets just say, owes Tony, for his complete wellness. Thanks Tony! When you visit his website, you will see why he owes Tony so much.

Roger N. Quevillon is a Christian, a Master Metaphysical Practitioner, and a teacher who cares about the well-being of others. As a facilitator, and a trainer, he speaks from the heart, through open and honest dialog. He teaches you life skills, so that you can decide once and for all, how to discover your authentic-self.

Roger is passionate about helping you connect with your true purpose. Who am I? Why am I here? What should I being working for? Where do I start… when I don’t know what I want? He will connect you, to your true passion, although he knows it is a tough road ahead. He knows you will have to do the work if you are to succeed. Emotional courage, persistence, and small daily steps will assure your success.

In essence he also knows… that it takes just as much work to fail then to succeed. So why not put the effort towards something you love doing, it is not work… but passionate work.

Through International Toastmaster, he learned the ropes of public speaking, and he loves sharing analogies with real true life stories, so you can make sense of nonsense.

He is married, has 2 sons and a stepdaughter and has 6 grandchildren and lives in Quebec, Canada.

As an inspirational visionary, coach and speaker, Roger gives spiritual guidance in seeking self-confidence, emotional balance and love. His experience as a trainer taught him that truth is the power towards healing one-self. He has a calm and holistic approach in helping people break their habits and attain their goals, needs and desires. As an author and peacemaker, his passion is guiding you towards your real self in finding your way.