Consumers are emotional beings. Every decision they make consist of several subconscious and conscious emotional triggers. In other words, humans use emotions rather than information when they are evaluating a particular product or service. It is, therefore, more than just a necessity to understand consumer psychology, and more specifically, your potential buyers. Doing this will help you influence their purchasing decisions effortlessly.
Below are a few of the most effective emotional triggers that can tie to your marketing strategy.

Happiness or Humor

Happiness is one of the most desirable emotions you can induce in your audience. By infusing humorous and smile-inducing content into your advertisement message, customers will feel warm and content with your brand. Most likely, they will share with others whatever it is that made them smile in the first place. That will lead to amplified brand awareness.

Fear or Anger

It’s in our nature; we are motivated to avoid apprehension and pain. Instead, we want to cling to what brings pleasure and comfort. For that reason, you need to trigger a sense of fear, or anxiety if consumers do not purchase your offers, or execute your desired action. While at it, make sure they don’t associate your brand with fear. The result? They will embrace your brand and feel comfortable with it, leading to increased brand loyalty.

Love or Lust

We are cognitively and physically wired to love and be loved, either by family, friends, or even total strangers. Love brings about a sense of belonging. It makes us feel comfortable, warm, and safe. That’s why you need to express lots of love to your consumers. For example, creating a community and expressing love by giving them unfettered access to your offers can work magic for you. That way, they will not only own and rally behind your brand but patronize it as well.

Amazement and Astonishment

You’ve probably heard the typical saying, ‘new is good.’ In the modern world of marketing, that’s no exception. Consumers are always looking forward to new phones, laptops, and other innovations. Why not wow your audience with news about the ‘next big thing’ in your product line? You’ll be surprised to see the buzz you create around the new arrival.

Ready to Implement an Emotional Marketing Strategy?

With all the benefits of emotional triggers, there’s no excuse not to incorporate them into your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, that may not be as easy as it sounds. Luckily for you, you don’t have to look very far for help. The team at Web Content Development can help you harness the power of emotional marketing. Contact us today to get started.

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