If one was in a position where they had a physical problem, there is a strong chance that they would reach out for the right support. Yet if this wasn’t the case, it could be because they feel ashamed of what is taking place for them.

However, it could be said that this will be the exception as opposed to the rule, and this is primarily due to how health problems are viewed. Going to see a doctor or paying a visit to the pharmacy, for instance, is something that is generally seen as a normal part of life.

Another Experience

But if one had a mental and emotional problem, it doesn’t mean that they will take the same approach. Instead, one could end up overlooking what is taking place and acting as if there is nothing wrong.

And in today’s world, it could be said that this is something that is generally the rule as opposed to the exception. It is not as common for someone to open up about what is taking place at an emotional level or to go and see a therapist, for instance.

More Important

One reason why mental and emotional problems are not given the same attention as physical problems is down to the fact that they can’t always be seen. Whereas when it comes to a physical problem, this is rarely going to be the case.

Along with this, one could also feel comfortable talking to others about what is going on with their body. Therefore, the help that they need is likely to be provided and this is going to make it easier for them to move forward.

Men and Women

There is also said to be a difference between how men and women respond to having mental and emotional problems. Women often find it easier to open up than men do, and this is partly the result of the conditioning that each sex experiences.

Based on this, it could be said that this shows the difference is to do with nature and not nature. However, there could be more to it, and this is because women are said to experience greater levels of oxytocin when they talk about their feelings.


Through being this way, it allows them to feel good when they open up; but as men don’t experience the same amount, it causes them to have a different experience. It would then be accurate to say that that the difference in behaviour is not just the result of the experiences they have had.

Thus, if women didn’t experience the same high through opening up, it would cause them to behave differently. What this shows is that there are different factors involved, and these need to be taken into consideration in order to understand why there is often difference in how men and women respond to different challenges.

Black And White

Still, it would be wrong to say that all women find it easy to open up and all men find it hard. This doesn’t mean that they are not general patterns in how men and women behave, but that not all men and women are the same.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for women to be found in the kinds of positions that only men held in the past. As a result of this, it has meant that these women have had to change their behaviour in order to function in these kinds of environments.

Creating the Right Impression

This can mean that a woman will have to embrace more of her masculine nature and it can then be normal for her to feel the need to cover up how she feels. As a way for her to maintain other peoples respect, she can believe that there is no other way to behave.

For if she was to show how she feels, it could cause the people around her to question whether or not she is suitable for the position she holds. But if a woman doesn’t work in this kind of environment, she might not have this problem.

A New Experience

It is also not uncommon for men to open up about how they feel, and it could then be said that these men then have embraced their feminine nature. The masculine side of their nature may also be there, or they may have rejected it for whatever reason.

And while this is going to be better for their health than being disconnected from how they feel, they may also have ended up being out of balance. This is then similar to how a woman can become super masculine and reject her feminine nature.

Suffer In silence

But regardless of the fact that there can be differences in how each sex responds to having mental and emotional problems, it is not always easy for people to reach out for the support that they desperately need. It is all too common for someone to pretend that everything is fine.

On one hand, one can be experiencing a lot of pain, but on the other hand, they can fear what other people would think if they were to reach out for support. This then causes them to tolerate what they are going through to avoid the pain they believe they would go through if other people were to find out.


Opening up could be seen as something that will cause other people to see them differently, and while this could be in their head, there could be some truth to it. This could also be something that would cause one to experience shame, and opening up can then be seen as something that will cause them to be ostracised.

One’s need to protect their image is then going to have a negative effect on their life, and unless this changes, there life is not going to change. In fact, their life is likely to get far worse as time goes by.


It would be easy to say that one should forget about how they look and just open up to anyone, but this might not always be the best approach to take. This is because not everyone is going to be able to give them the support they need.

The best option might be for them to seek professional help and through doing this; they will get the right support. This will allow them protect themselves on one side and to get the support they need on the other.

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