When someone’s car runs smoothly, there is going to be no reason for them to take a deeper look into how it works. And the same could be said when it comes to others areas of their life.

For example, if their body is not causing them any problems, there is also going to be no need for them to focus on it. This is something that would change if they started to experience tension somewhere, and if their car stopped working they would also need to change their point of focus.

Now and Then

Still, this is not to say that they won’t have moments where they think about their car or their body, for instance, but this is likely to be as far as it goes. There is a strong chance that there will be plenty of other things for them to focus on.

And when it comes to what they are focused on, it could relate to things that are not working in their life. Nevertheless, what this comes down to is that one can’t focus on everything; if they were to try to do this, they would be wasting their energy.

Emotional Experience

When it comes to what is not working in their life, there is the chance that they don’t always feel as they would like to feel. This could mean that they are going through a challenging time in their life, or it could be how their life has always been.

If they have always been this way, it could mean that they have spent a lot of time focusing on how they feel. Having said that, it might be more accurate to say that they haven’t had much choice, and this is because they have been consumed by what is taking place within them.

A New Occurrence

Yet if they have only recently started to struggle with what is taking place within them, it could mean that they haven’t spend a lot of time focusing on how they feel. In the past there would have been no reason for them to and now this is no longer the case.

But as this experience is not something they are familiar with, it could mean that they are more likely to reach out for support. The reason for this is that it will stand out and it is less likely to be seen as part of life.


On the other hand, when one has experienced life in this way for quiet some time, they can believe that it is normal. It is then something they have to put up with and there is nothing they can do.

However, even if one has experience life in this way for as long as they can remember, it doesn’t mean that they will tolerate what is taking place. Part of them could have the desire to change their life and this will create inner conflict.

Emotional Pain

If one did want to change their life, they could reach out for external support, or they could find a way to avoid how they feel. And when it comes to what route they take, it can depend on a number of different factors.

For example, one could feel ashamed of how they feel and this could stop them from opening up to others. As a result of this, one could end up being drawn to things that are slightly or extremely harmful.


On one hand, emotional problems are rarely given the attention they deserve in today’s world, and on the other hand, there are plenty of ways for one to avoid how they feel. This is one of the reasons why it can be easier for one to take things or to engage in activities that are not in their best interests.

One could end up eating when they are not hungry, taking drugs, and/or drinking a lot of alcohol. Along with this, they could end up turning into a workaholic, over exercise, go from one relationship to another and/or travel the world.

Reaching Out

Through engaging in one of these options (or a number of them), it will enable them to feel better for a short while. But if they continue with this process, they can lose touch with how they feel, and as time passes, they could end up creating even more problems

Based on this, it could be said that the ideal will be for them to reach out for external support. This could be a time where they pay a visit to their doctor or they might look for a therapist who is able to assist them.

Their Experience

During this time, one could open up about what is taking place for them, and this will give them the chance to take the next step. One could say that they suffer from: depression, anxiety, a sense worthlessness, sadness and/or loneliness.

If one was to see their doctor, they could end up being put on antidepressants and then refereed to a behavioural therapist. This could then be a time where one ends up being told to monitor their thoughts and to change their behaviour, for instance.

Emotional Body

Another approach would be for one to work with a therapist who will ask them about their childhood, and if their emotional experiences match up with what took place during these early years. Due to the amount of time that has passed, one may have lost touch with what took place.

Yet if they were able to take the time to think about when they first started to feel this way, they may find that it was during their childhood. Therefore, the years will have passed but how they felt as a child has stayed trapped in their body.


This then means that it won’t be enough for them to change their thoughts or their behaviour, as these emotions won’t be released through force. The emotional build-up that is within them will need to be processed.

If one can relate to this and they want to move forward, it will be necessary for them to work with a therapist or a support group.

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