Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short, is an emotional version of acupuncture without the needles, and it is performing miracles all over the world.  It is based on a breakthrough in therapy which is providing relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues for thousands of people. 

Based on the same principals of acupuncture, E.F.T. utilizes the main meridian points on the body that are integral to the bodies subtle energy system to release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances. 

This energy system was discovered by the Chinese approximately 5,000 years ago and is referred to by various names including Chi, Ki, Prana, Life Force and Life Energy.
There are twelve major energy meridians in the body which run from the top of your head, through your fingers and right down to your toes. 

These meridians are channels that carry energy throughout the body, while meridian points are specific points located on the surface of the skin and are the points which are stimulated to obtain energy shifts in the emotional body to help heal any manner of complaint or condition.

There are typically seventeen meridian points that are used during the process.  These include:
·Eyebrow Point – beginning of the eyebrow, near the bridge of the nose (trauma, frustration, restlessness)
·Side of eye – on the bony orbit at the side of either eye (rage)
·Under eye – on the bony orbit underneath the eye, directly under the pupil (anxiety, nervousness, phobias, cravings)
·Under nose – under the nose, in the crevice about the upper lip (embarrassment, psychological reversals)
·Under bottom lip – in the depression between the lip and the chin (shame)
·Under collarbone – directly below the knob of the collarbone that is next to the depression below the Adam’s apple (anxiety, insecurity)
·Under arm – approx six inches below the arm pit – on the bra strap for the women (anxiety, nervousness, cravings, self-esteem)
·Under breast – directly under the breast, approx where the rib cage ends (this point is often left out for reasons of discretion) (unhappiness)
·Thumbnail - on the inside tip of the thumb where the nail meets the cuticle (intolerance, arrogance)
·Index fingernail - on the inside tip of the index finger where the nail meets the cuticle (guilt)
·Middle fingernail - on the inside tip of the middle finger where the nail meets the cuticle (jealousy, addictive)
·Little fingernail – on the inside tip of the little finger where the nail meets the cuticle (anger)
·Back of hand – between knuckles of the little and ring fingers (depression, loneliness, physical pain)
·Karate chop – this is located on the side of the where the crease crosses the edge of the hand closest to the little finger (sadness, psychological reversals)
·Forehead – above and between the eyebrows (trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression)
·Chest – between and slightly down from the under collarbone points (improve immune system function)
·Sore Spot – On the left side of the chest, midway between the collarbone and down toward the breast.  This is often quite sore, even painful (psychological reversals).

Although each spot is useful for specific emotions and pain, they are combined during the EFT process as very rarely does one emotion exist on it’s own and it can be impossible and time consuming to pinpoint all the emotions associated with a particular event or issue.  Therefore it is much easier to combine the majority of the points into one quick and easy process so all associated emotions are treated at once.

If you would like a visual example of these meridian points and the EFT procedure, please visit my website where there is a video tutorial which takes you step by step through the EFT procedure.

Author's Bio: 

Marguerita is an EFT Life Coach and Sound and Energy Healer who is dedicated to helping others discover more fun and freedom by helping them to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and physically so they can be truly happy. For more information and free gifts visit www.healingandabundance.com or www.marguerita.com.au