Strength can only be developed by practice and effort.

Emotional Exercise strengthens the mental power vital to success.

By now you have completed Emotional Exercise 1 and Emotional Exercise 2. Congratulations-you have undertaken two mental power components that strengthen your purpose vitality. It will be helpful, as we proceed to Emotional Exercise 3, to review both exercises again. Remind yourself of WHAT you want and WHY these wants are important/valuable to you. The emotional linkage of the two is vital to conquering doubt and fear. Reminder: re-reading or even re-doing either or both is perfectly fine. I have done this exercise three times already and tested it twice out on a diverse population sample in advance of posting it to you. Repetition is good, practice and effort strengthens.

Emotional Exercise 3:

Take a look at the ten things listed in the column below: Write ALL ten down on a separate piece of paper.

Job and money
good health
independence/ability to make your own decisions
being a loving person/being loved
good life/social parties/entertainment

Now, take away four of those from the:list above. Just cross them out on your sheet of paper.
Next, take away four more. Cross out four more from the list.
Take away ONE more from the list.
STOP and look at the one thing you have left from the list. Really pause and see the word you have kept from your list. This word is what you value and hold most precious. This is your ONE THING that is sacred, soul-touching, most valuable to you in the present.

Write the ONE THING you have left on a separate piece of paper or page in your journal. This is important because that ONE THING is your mental governor, the thing that you will do anything to protect and hold secure in your life.

IMPORTANT: Ask yourself – write down the answer here – am I making decisions and living the life that proves that this ONE THING is my lifeline, my purpose? Am I living on purpose – protecting what I MOST value right now? If someone followed you for three months with a video camera, would it document that you live purposefully and passionately this value?

I know this part of Emotional Exercise 3 is difficult, it is hard to use an inner scope of thought to see and feel the ONE thing that you value and then probe into how you are living to protect that ONE thing. But, strength only comes with practice and effort. Make the effort to clearly comprehend this ONE point of your POWER and TRIUMPH. Once you inculcate this, you become a strong fortress. Don’t hold back-make the effort! Identify what you are doing, or not doing, to strengthen your ONE THING.

Write it all down, study this question over and over again. Over and over again, probe and study this question (Am I making decisions and living the life that proves that this ONE THING is my lifeline, my purpose?) until it becomes a legitimate, honest true concentration of who you are; until it becomes an unarguable purpose that is only for you and only made for you and can only be done by you.

This is heavy stuff, but your mental freedom depends on the effort and practice of cleaning up the dross and defining in clear detail the ONE THING for you.

Write your ONE THING on multiple pieces of paper – Post It Notes, stickys, index cards, poster stock, color paper, or on your mobile device. Let me add to make it pretty, not sloppy, since you will see it daily.
Place your ONE THING everywhere. In the bath mirror, on exit doors, in your wallet, on the desk, in a photo frame, as wallpaper on your computer, in One Note; see it often.

We will continue with Emotional Exercise 4 later in the week. For now, do Exercise 3 with fortitude and grace; see and concentrate on your purposed ONE THING.

Thank you for the trust and work you have done in Emotional Exercise 3 and for the tolerance you have exhibited to get you here. Know your ONE THING or work harder and with purposeful effort to get to know your one thing. Once this is crystallized and deeply ingested, you are on the precipice of lasting change.

I purpose you goodness and happiness inside, be well.

Author's Bio: 

Anita Jefferson, M.Ed ( knows her purpose and lives on purpose. She teaches others to do the same.