When it comes to what one needs to do to get into physical shape or what they need to eat in order to be healthy, there is plenty of advice available. In fact, it is not so much about getting the advice that is the problem, nowadays, it is often more about what advice to follow and what advice one needs to avoid.

And as it is important for one to look after their health and to eat the kind of foods that the body needs to function, this could be seen as a good problem to have. The opposite of this would be to have the need to get in shape or to eat well, but to be in a position where the information and the guidance are not available.

Today’s World

So in today’s world, one can have the need to improve their level of fitness or to change their body shape and it is not going to take long until they are aware of what they need to do. Just as one can want to change their diet to alter their appearance or to have more energy, and before long, providing they take action, they will be able to come across information that will give them the guidance they need.

This is one of the benefits of modern-day technology and how the internet has made is easy for people to get their hands on information. However, if one was to go back in time, there would have been a time when the need was there, but the information wasn’t available.

How Life Was

There would have been some people who would have had greater access to information, but this information is unlikely to have been as advanced as it is today. Nevertheless, there would have been a grater divide between the haves and the have not’s.

At least in today’s world, one doesn’t necessarily have to go without the information they need in order to: lose weight, gain more energy and/or to become fitter. One just needs to have the need and to allow that need to pull them towards the guidance that they need to achieve their goal/s.

Emotional Problems

So while progress has been made when it comes to having the need to alter ones physical health or diet and to then fulfilling that need, the same can’t always be said when it comes to taking care of ones emotional problems. For example: one can have an emotional problem but it doesn’t mean they will actually take the steps to move beyond it and even if they do, they might not receive the right guidance.

It could be said that it is socially acceptable to go to the gym or to eat a certain diet, but when it comes to the area of emotions, this is an area is not widely spoken about. Having emotions is part of being human, in fact, it could be said that it is what makes us human. But although it is an important area, it is not an area that the average person understands.

The Two-Way Relationship

What is often normal, is for someone to run away from their emotional pain and to deny how they feel. As this is what often takes place on an individual level, it is then mirrored in how society responds to emotions. And then as society doesn’t pay attention to them, this then cause’s people to do the same; it is then a two-way relationship and each side reinforces the other.

Let’s say that one does reach out for support, there is the chance that they will receive the guidance they need, but there is also the chance they won’t. It will all depend on the kind of support that one reaches out for and how aware the people are who provide it.

Common Approaches

So one might be suffering from: depression, have heightened levels of anxiety and/or anger and have suicidal feelings, amongst others things. There is the chance that one will do nothing and simply suffer in silence or even take their life; as a lot of people do.

If one was to go to their doctor, they might end up being put on some kind of medication or refereed to a counsellor or cognitive behavioural therapist. Through this, one might find that they improve or that they’re able to manage their emotions.

Emotional Awareness

What this approach might not lead to is an increase in how aware they are of their emotions. Going on drugs for instance, is not necessarily going to enable to one understand why they feel like they do; what it might do is cause them to become emotionally numb and disconnected from themselves.

This is not to say that one shouldn’t use medication or that they should feel ashamed for using drugs, as at times, they might be necessary. And when one is in serious pain, it is only natural for them to want to remove their pain as soon as possible.

The Ideal

Another approach would be for one to be aware of how they feel and this is likely to give them a better understanding as to why they’re depressed and/or have anger problems. Although emotional problems such as these are given the exposure and are seen as the problem, they’re often a symptom of something else.

But unless one is emotionally aware, these symptoms can be seen as the primary problem. And yet, if one was able to tune into their emotional body and had an awareness of what has happened to them throughout their adult years as well as their childhood years, they might soon realise why they feel as they do.


When it comes to becoming more aware, it is not something that happens directly. One can’t force themselves to become aware or to see things they can’t presently see. In order for one to become more aware, they need to expose themselves to new information and experiences.

As the saying goes – we don’t know what we don’t know. So by taking in new information, one will be able to reflect and to see differently. The outer guidance will provide the support that one need’s in order to understand what is taking place within them. Books, articles, videos and one to one therapy and support groups will give one the information they need to understand their emotional body.

And when one knows what is happening, they will have clearer idea of what they need to do to heal their emotional body. When one has trapped emotions in their body for instance, it is going to affect their emotional wellbeing. These trapped emotions will need to be faced and released and this can be done with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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