Most of the major marriage problems and break ups we hear about started from quite little things. Marriages have generally had their challenges. It however appears to have escalated many fold these days more so with technological growth.

One of the problems that a lot of marriages today are faced with is emotional affair. Sadly, lot's of folks seem to be taken by surprise by this. If we do not lookout for it so as to nip it in the bud, more damaging affairs would rise from it.

The lack of physical intimacy makes the trap quite easy for a lot of people to fall into. If you however agree with the fact that the mind directs the body, then you would realize that whatever fills your mind would more or less be replicated in the physical soon enough.

A lot of marriages that are now struggling with getting over infidelity started like this. It could all start with a harmless exchange of text messages. The messages gradually become more intimate and before you realize it, one thing is leading to another.

I recently had talks with one of my friends who was facing sexual challenges with her spouse. Her husband held no sexual appeal whatsoever to her. When I tried to discover what could have caused it, I asked some questions and she revealed that she stumbled on her husband's secret habit of watching porn movies and looking at porn pictures. This did some damage to her self esteem and also reduced the respect she had for her husband.

In the example written above, there certainly was no physical affair, but the wife in this case felt cheated on. It doesn't have to be pornography so don't excuse yourself just yet. It could be an unhealthy closeness with a co-worker. You need to realize that emotional affairs begin like this and in most cases, lead to physical intimacy.

What then is the answer here? Know where to place the boundaries. Lot's of people do not want to be called names by their colleagues so they simply let some things go. If you truly want your marriage to succeed and you care for your family, your friends and colleagues can't be the ones to determine how you behave.

When you see a co-worker who wants to become intimate with you despite the fact that they are aware you are married, they are simply telling you that they do not care about your marriage or your spouse. You should be smart enough to steer clear.

How do you assume that an individual who has no regard for your home respects you? Think seriously about this. If your marriage collapses and your children go through all that emotional stress (certainly we won't fail to acknowledge the stress you also would go through), would the emotional affair have been worth it?

Lot's of people tell their partner that it does not matter, we are only friends. If it hurts your spouse then stop it. They may look harmless but they are highly dangerous. It might not look like a lot just now, but it always grows into something much more serious if you do not put a stop to it now.

You owe it to yourself and to your home to guard against emotional affairs.

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We all know that if that emotional affair is not managed properly, a couple could end up struggling with getting over infidelity. Lets assist you.